Stunning Retro VW Bus Fridge

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The Retro VW Bus Fridge is a perfect appliance for your kitchen if you love cars or just want to bring some vintage design into your home.

The VW Bus has truly become a cultural phenomenon. It started as a convenient van for families in the 60s. It was reliable, spacy but didn’t really stand out in any way.

But thanks to the popularity in the hippie circles it raised to be an icon and is now a desirable classic on the car market. You can find images of this bus nearly everywhere – on posters, t-shirts, elements of house décor, etc. 

Now you can bring the spirit and style of this legendary vehicle into the kitchen and in a practical way once again. It’s possible thanks to this awesome Retro VW Bus Fridge.

This freestanding refrigerator is produced by a company called Gorenje, one of the high-quality big shots on the market. Inside it’s a normal, quite spacious fridge with a capacity of 260 liters. It also has a few very modern features including special storage for bottles, a cooling system evenly distributing the temperature, LED lighting, or a unique drawer with humidity control for your fruits and veggies. It has also earned an A+++ class on power consumption, meaning great energy efficiency.

So we established that this machine will work perfectly as a fridge. Where it stands out is its design. Just looking at it brings the VW Bus into mind. The creamy top, giant VW logo, and an iconic chrome tick look exactly like the hood of this iconic van,

The bottom color can be chosen from light blue and burgundy, both greatly fitting the retro style. Add to that a vintage silver door handle and you have got yourself the most stylish fridge with a lot of souls.

This fridge is perfect for anyone who loves cars, especially the classics, and a simple act of taking food out will never be dull for them. It is also great if you are not a petrol head but simply admire the retro style of the 60s and 70s and want to bring a pinch of that spirit into your house. The VW Bus fridge will surely become the central piece in your kitchen and not just because there’s food inside. 


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