Submerged: PlayStation 4 Adventure Game Unveiled 

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Submerged Announcement Trailer

The new PS4 game named Submerged, is a “serene adventure” set in a city that has mysteriously become flooded and overgrown, watch the announcement trailer below to learn more about the storyline and setting.

“Submerged follows the story of siblings Miku and Taku — the pair arrive in this strange place in a boat, and Miku has to carry her wounded brother Taku to shelter before she can start gathering the supplies she’ll need to nurse him back to health.

But to do that, she’ll have to find the supplies first! She will have to explore using her boat and telescope, locate the forgotten caches, then climb the crumbling buildings to retrieve them.

As she traverses the sunken metropolis, Miku starts to uncover the secrets of how this world came to be. And in turn, we begin to learn about Miku and Taku: what drove them to this mysterious city, where the only inhabitants appear to be malformed copies of the native sea-life?”


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