The Success of the Hitman Franchise

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There are many games on the market, but not all of them become household names and successful franchises, like Hitman has. The Hitman series has been around for 16 years, and has still been able to maintain its relevance and popularity among many  different age groups throughout this period of time. With two films, 9 PC (and other console compatible) games found at, as well as a specially dedicated online slot machine game, Hitman is known for being a series that has influence. Today we will have a closer look at the different Hitman games; namely the PC games and the online Hitman-themed video slot machine game.

The well-loved Hitman-themed video slot game, which can be played at onlinecasinos, is one of the better made PC game to online slots games around. Many online slot games are cheaply made and as such do not attract much attention or popularity. Hitman’s online video slot game however is not one of these such slot games. The one thing that really sets itself aside from other slot games is that the graphics are on par with the Hitman game that you would play on your PC, or on a console like an Xbox. Many people who are fans of a PC game report feeling very let down by the slots version of the game because the graphics simply do not live up to the PC game they are used to playing. Thankfully the Hitman-themed slot machine game excels in retaining its top notch graphics.

Another great thing about the Hitman slots is that is has some really fun and entertaining bonus rounds for you to enjoy. These bonus rounds come with some fantastic jackpots too, which means you stand even more of a chance at winning! Free spins and having a large betting range (0.01$ -75$) means that the game is more accessible to people of various incomes.

When it comes to the PC game, Hitman is almost an institution of sorts! It is so well-known and so widely-loved. Most prefer to play the game on their PC though Steam, although for the console enthusiasts out there, it is also available for PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. With so many PC games to choose from, many fans often find themselves in disagreement as to which game is the best of them all. Many have allegiance to the latest game in the series, simply entitled ‘Hitman’, while those who have been playing since 2000 have a soft spot for the original ‘Hitman: Codename 47’. However, many claim that the 2002 ‘Hitman 2: Silent Assassin’ is the best of them all; having the highest Metacritic score of all the Hitman games, with a score of 87 for the PC version of the game.

Most of the games allow you to choose between first-person and third-person perspectives. This is a feature that many really like about the series as it gives the player an extra dimension of choice with regards to how they want to play the game. Some people are religiously FPS fans and will opt for this perspective. But a large number of players enjoy being able to switch between these perspectives depending on what they feel like playing. Regardless of perspective, most agree the Hitman series of PC games, as well as its themed video slot machine game are tons of fun!


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