Sunflower Home Security Drone, This is the Security System You Need

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Sunflower Home Security Drone

New home security system made it’s way into the security game and it is the one you want. It looks like it is come out of some sci fi movie. Meet Sunflower, a home security drone system, which uses a set of sensor equipped solar garden lights to help keep an eye on your property and surrounding area.

Sunflower Home Security Drone

On top of the garden lights are 360° motion sensors that trigger lights and sounds to deter intruders when footsteps or motion is detected. The motion sensor lights are then combined with a drone-based camera, allowing you to capture footage of the scene from any angle.

For great home security, you need to know when something’s happening before it’s at your door.
The Sunflower Home Awareness System™ combines outdoor sensors with an aerial camera for a complete view of what’s going on around your home.

Sunflower Smart Lights learn your property’s routines, deterring unwanted visitors with light and sound. When there’s unusual activity, the Smart Lights work with the Sunflower Flying Camera™ to identify what’s happening. When a Smart Light detects something strange, send the Flying Camera to the point of interest and get live video on your device. Different events require different responses. Use the app to tell Sunflower when to alert you and when to handle things on its own.

There is no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet for the Sunflower home security drone.

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