Super Cool Jumbo Ice Trays For Spheres and Blocks Are Best For This Holiday Season

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Jumbo Ice Trays

I love jumbo size ice cubes for my cocktails and in my single malt. They look really cool and melt very slowly so as to not distill the flavor of a straight spirit or the alchemy of a well-made concoction.

You can buy these huge chunk of wonder in two variations, BLOXX 12 Jumbo Ice Cube Tray and Sveres Jumbo Ice Ball Tray, each at a price of $14.95, 25% off the original price of $19.95.

The next generation of The Original Whiskey Bar is here, and its name is Sveres. This easy-to-use tray creates 6 jumbo ice cubes measuring 2.5″ in diameter. Sveres features built-in funnels for easy water filling and silicone rubber bottoms for easy cube removal. …Regular ice cube trays work fine for some things, but the true beverage connoisseur needs a more sophisticated tray. Bloxx makes 12 jumbo ice blocks that slow the dilution of any beverage, keeping your drink cool, without sacrificing taste. Enjoy your drink of choice the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Jumbo Ice Trays


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