Super Cool Mac Mechanical Keyboard

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If you are a Mac user and looking out for a cool Mac mechanical keyboard you may want to check out this new creation of Iofree, It has taken to Indiegogo to raise the required funds needed to take the next generation of wireless Mac mechanical keyboard into production.

Pledges are available for Earlybird backers from $74 with shipping expected to take place during March 2019. During its previous Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns, Iofree has raised more than $700,000 thanks to backers from 107 countries around the world.

Check out the video for more details:

Here are the two major upgrades from 1st generation of keyboards:

• 4 new sets of mixed color keycaps( you got to check the photos, they are stunning)
• Rearranged some key positions and changes some key shapes, make it joyful to type

The other two key Features:
• Mac layout – The layout is exactly the same as a Mac keyboard. So it even has the Mac function keys. 99% of all the mechanical keyboards on the market has the windows layout, why a mac user cannot use a mac layout?
• Wireless – 95% of all the mechanical keyboards on the market are wired. Lofree is wireless.

Lofree Four Seasons embraces the nature through its colorful design, makes touch-typing easier, and adding a touch of glamour to your personal style. When you combine love and free, you get Lofree. We all come from a designer’s background – as reflected in our product. We dedicate ourselves to keep the most sophisticated product simple and elegant, in order to benefit and reach more people. We push boundaries in product design and have won several Red Dot and iF design awards. We love the way of life. This is Lofree. Since the day of the 1st Lofree keyboard has been developed, our life has never been the same. In the crowdfunding campaign in March 2017, We are grateful for your support and raised over US$ 740,000 through 9000+ orders placed by supporters across 107 countries.



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