SUPER PIXEL RACERS Drifts Onto Consoles Soon!

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Bringing back a classic arcade in the modern style gaming is no easy thing to do. Taking on the challenge is H2 Interactive and PQube as they prepare to launch Super Pixel Racers on Halloween, so it is not that far away!

Gamers will be able to use nitro control and real drifting skill in order to lead the crowd of opponents to the finish line. It is quite simple and yet entertaining gameplay style is easily pleasing to both racing and retro gamers. Watch the announcement trailer below:

While planning to bring simple and pleasing drifting and nitro mechanics, they are giving a few game mode choices: Rally, Rally Cross, Land Rush, Takedown, Drift Show and Hunt. These modes are allowed to be played with friends both online or offline, so prepare your friends for a bashing night! The maps are also small versions of world-famous racing places, such as sandy Bahrein and snowy Canada.

It will launch on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Halloween, Super Pixel Racers is looking to be an excellent one for everybody to have fun with when they come down for the holidays! How do you like it?


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