Superheros Gadgets Collection Of The Month

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If you’re a true fan of the Gotham City hero and would want to flaunt it off on your phone, here’s your chance to do so with the Batman iPhone Decal. Having been made out of technology safe vinyl, this decal has been made to complement the contours of your iPhone with a traditional and simple Batman face.

Every time you light up your rooms with a candle, make sure it looks close to Gotham City by using this Batman Candle Attachment. It’s a 3D printed attachment that helps you create your own 1992 Batman spotlight inside the room and make your candlelit hours even more special and superhero-ish in nature.

Make your everyday bathing hours an encounter with a powerful jet craft by installing this superbly designed Belle Aire Deck Mounted Bath Filler. Available in a style with 4 different finishes, this works exactly like your standard bath filler but with a resemblance of an airplane that gives it the overall glamor, it deserves worth having.

Rise up with the spirit of a superhero every morning as you stand on your very own Captain America Rug. Made out of wool and bamboo, this rug is a must-use for your bedroom, living room, or bathroom for you to enjoy the life of a Captain in the best way possible.

With this limited edition Iron Man Wireless Gaming Mouse you can actually get to feel the power of the superhero in your hands. An ardent combination of design and functionality, this mouse has been designed with large touch keys for quick clicks and better response.

Feel like a true superhero every time you drink your favorite beverage on this brand new Bat Mug from here onwards. Inspired by the Dark Knight himself, this mug has got a unique design of ceramic wings that enable you to get geared up with a superhero spirit each time your coffee’s on your way.

Undoubtedly Thor’s Hammer is one of the iconic symbols of power in the entire Marvel universe and to have it in the form of a Gentle Giant Thor Hammer Bookend in your home does not sound like a bad idea. Sculpted with exquisite details, this piece of artistic excellence designed by Gentle Giant Ltd. can support any media of your choice.

Give your kiddos a delicious treat this vacation by shaping your homemade cookies using the Batman Logo Cookie Cutter Stamp. The Dark Knight will rise from your oven but in the form of a lip-smacking cookie, you’ll not be able to avoid having it after all. The cookie-cutter bearing the shape of the traditional Batman logo is going to make your hand prepared cookies look more gorgeous than ever.

This Avengers 3D Wall Art Nightlight is an Iron Man Hand that looks like it’s just crashed through from the other side of the wall. It’s actually one of many such 3D Deco Lights from 3DLIghtFX. They have all kinds of lights that combine with cracked wall decals to make it look like the light is an object stuck in the wall with cracks all around it.

The Dark Knight has been featuring it on screen ever since he showed his presence in 2008 but the Batman Backpack is now available for the common masses too. To sum it all up, you can now have a fully functional, everyday leather backpack that draws its inspiration directly from Batman’s closet. It has a fully adjustable harness section which can be custom fit for all body sizes.


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