Survive the Robotic Post-Apocalyptic World in KARAGON

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Karagon is an upcoming open-world survival game from developer Tbjbu2 that is going to be released on PC via Steam on July 27.

You’ll have to balance health, hunger, and your inventory in a post-apocalyptic world that also has mechanical creatures that are reminiscent of the ones in HZD and almost feel like prototypes for Zoids. You can ride some of these robotic creatures like mounts or combat them. The game looks fun and you can even play with up to 8 other players. If you like the game, feel free to wishlist Karagon on Steam now.

Fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic landscape overrun by massive elemental robots. Scavenge resources and craft tools to build a base before venturing into multistory buildings for high-end components. Balance health, hunger, and inventory space while braving the wasteland solo or with up to eight other survivors. Amass loot and high-powered weaponry to quell robot attacks and eventually recruit and ride the mechanical creatures.

Check out the trailer below:

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