SURVIVING MARS Has New Content Packs Arriving Soon!

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Paradox Interactive released a new announcement that their colony survival game Surviving Mars will have new content packs coming out at the end of April. The Martian Express Pack – Created by veteran modders Lucian “LukeH” Hada and Sylvain “Silva” Maupetit – the Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack and Revelation Radio will be released on April 28th individually and in the “All new in” bundle, but the Martian Express Pack can be wish-listed now on Steam

Martian Express Pack will be able to move materials and colonists between stations that access far-away domes and resource spots. Other manned buildings can also be positioned near these stations without a dome. Make sure to keep an eye on your commuters, as they might have to travel some distance to reach their job. Make enough seats for everyone, or they will be frustrated waiting for the next train. Who wouldn’t be? New track segments connect stations and will be elevated so drones and rovers can run underneath, while pipes will cross over. This travel is simplified for both resources and colonists, as the trains have 2 wagons to transport people and goods at the same time.

The other content creator packs will release on the same day. The Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack adds 10 new terrestrial building skins, and the Revelation Radio adds 16 new songs from 4 artists, adding approximately 70 minutes of music to the red planet.

The “All New In” bundle, featuring the Martian Express Pack, Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack, and Revelation Radio will be releasing April 28 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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