SYSTEM SHOCK Remake Free Demo is Here!

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In 1994, an awesome game called System Shock was released by LookingGlass Technologies and Origin Systems. The game was a spiritual ancestor to more modern games like BioShock and Deus Ex.

The fun game is getting remade by Night Dive Studios and you can play it now. Check out the trailer below, but a free demo is now available for fans to have a go with.

This isn’t just a refresh or a remaster that gives some stability enhancements and small graphical updates. Nightdive went in and recreated the game with HD visuals, modernized controls, revised hacking, and new areas added and secrets to Citadel Station.

The new System Shock is a complete remake of the groundbreaking immersive sim, first released in 1994. Players, in the space-boots of an unnamed hacker who awakes after a six-month snooze, finds Citadel Station in quite the state. Murderous robots, killer cyborgs, and malicious mutants have run amok. And the station’s AI, SHODAN, seems to have developed quite the God complex.

System Shock is available for pre-order now on PC and Linux via Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam and all platforms offering the free demo. The game costs $44.95 and is set to release in 2021.


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