TableAir Interactive Desk

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TableAir Interactive Desk

TableAir is an innovative interactive desk and standing table that adjust automatically its height, letting you change your posture throughout the day.

TableAir is more than a tool – it is a work companion that cares about your health and enables your healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are meant to move and sedentary work is simply not healthy. With the use of electric motor technology and a custom LED light, TableAir’s adjustable height lets the user change postures throughout the day.

TableAir makes lifting processes very silent and pleasant. Signal to the motors goes through a CPU unit which is integrated into the table and can be accessed in two ways: via the TableAir App (automatic height change and lighting color) or by the smart button. Smart Button senses the distance to your hand and lifts TableAir to match the height.

TableAir also features LED lighting. The custom ambient LED light turns TableAir into a focal point of any interior.

TableAir also enables a dynamic work climate which is very important with an ever-increasing need to have a space that can be adapted to a number of users. It features an integrated USB charging dock, with all wires hidden in a power pocket.



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