Take Pictures on the Sly with the Phone Periscope

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Take Pictures on the Sly with the Phone Periscope

The placement of most phone cameras make it near impossible to take images on the sly because you’d have to point your phone right at your subject to do so. Nothing’ll earn you a slap or the ire of that decidedly hot girl faster than if she saw you trying to take a picture of her melons. You know, the fruit…

Anyway, there’s a way around it and you don’t have to get a new phone or a new camera. Instead, all you’ll need is the Periscope Lens that you can attach easily to your device, be it an iPhone or some other Android smartphone.

It attaches easily to most mobiles with the use of a sticky metal O-ring and a detachable magnet that’s on the periscope itself. Once it’s on, you’re free to take images of anything and everything you want to (as long as it’s legal, of course) while holding your phone as if you’re checking emails or reading your SMS.



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