Taking the Game to Another Level: Why Your Monitor’s Refresh Rate and Response Time Might Be Slowing You Down

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ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ Monitor

Don’t let your monitor ruin your game. The refresh rate can create ghosting and lag that can cripple your response time. But don’t be discouraged. Technology is always improving and solutions are available. The best part, these solutions aren’t as expensive as you might think. If you feel stuck and can’t seem to improve your game it may not be you. Perhaps the solution is better tech.

Input Lag

Input lag is unavoidable. It can be minimized but never eliminated. The higher the input lag the more difficult it is to aim at moving targets or completing in-game missions. Minimizing the amount of input lag allows you to take your game to the next level. If your personal response time is faster than the monitor you are using then the monitor is slowing you down. If the response rate of your monitor is too low you may begin seeing a ghost. This is where a previous image remains on the screen. You can reduce ghosting by lowering your monitor resolution, or by getting a better monitor.

Technology is always advancing and as it does so input lag is reduced significantly while response time increases. A 144hz monitor may be the solution you are looking for.

What is A Refresh Rate?

A refresh rate is the number of times per second that the monitor’s display will update with new information, this is measured in Hertz. The benefits of high hertz result in a smoother image. This is essential in fast-paced games where the character’s environment and/or threats are constantly changing. At the same time, high hertz presents drawbacks for an increase in data output, more storage, and more powerful graphics cards. This can increase the cost of the monitor needed for gaming. The good news is there are a number of cheap 144hz monitors that still provide all of these necessities for your gaming. You just have to know where to look.

Your Eyes and Video Games

Our eyes are miraculous and can process a great deal. Gaming technology is working hard to create a smooth experience that maximizes our vision. So how many frames per second can the eye see? The human eye does not see in frames per second but rather they see motion in action. As the frame rate per second of video or gaming increases the eye perceives motion rather than frames and a smoother image is seen. On a 144hz monitor, you are seeing 144 images per second giving you the illusion of motion. This high hertz is important particularly in fast-moving games creating an ease of movement. For a while, the myth that your eyes can not see more than 60hz was circulating. This has been disproven again and again through scientific studies like the video linked to above. Your eyes can process far more than technology captures in frames.

Just for fun here’s some useful information to keep tucked away next time you are told you are ruining your eyesight by gaming. According to National Geographic, gaming can actually improve your vision. So, keep on gaming, your eyes will thank you for it.

By increasing your monitor’s refresh and response time your gaming will advance to a whole new level!


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