Tech Must-Haves: Key Areas Your Business Site Absolutely Needs

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Although a business website in itself is a feature of technology and the online world, there are also many ways in which technology can improve your website, add key additional features and provide an overall positive experience for your users. There are certain areas every website — especially a business website — absolutely a must-have if you want to stay engaging, relevant, and ahead of the competition.

If you are looking to create a relevant website, then staying on top of key technology trends is important if you want to implement the latest, high-quality features into your website. If there are new tech-friendly ways of doing things, additional features, add-ons or software that can help your site, then you want to stay aware of this and make sure you are constantly evolving your site to keep up with technology. You do not want a static business site that was created years ago and has not undergone important technological changes to improve it.

So, what does your business website ideally need, and how can you improve it in a tech-friendly way?


A Live Chat Feature

If your business is one that can incorporate — and benefit from — live chat, you should definitely try. Having a way to contact a business easily is always a plus for consumers, but live chat is a great way to answer a consumer’s query there and then, and form an important connection. In some circumstances, users who have landed on your website may want a very quick answer to a query. It may be relating to a product they want to buy after browsing your website, or something else important to them.

While these queries can still be asked through normal communication methods such as email, the wait for a response can sometimes make the difference for a sale. Enabling live chat and being able to provide an immediate answer may increase the chances of keeping hold of that target user and pushing them to choose your business.

Even if you cannot dedicate live chat customer service representatives, you may still want to take advantage of live chat AI models to help consumers who are browsing your site there and then.


Accessibility Features

Not only can technology help to make your website more accessible, but it can help accessibility-users to find what they need, too, through tech features such as screen-readers. A business website — or indeed, any website — which is not taking advantage of digital accessibility features is falling behind, as well as failing to provide a basic service to those users who need assistance in accessing information.

Making your website user-friendly in an accessible way does not have to be difficult; it simply means taking extra time and care to implement key features which can help impaired website users, such as extra descriptions, larger font capabilities and audio assistance.


A Variety of Media

If your website is not taking advantage of a wealth of media, it may be failing to provide the most engaging content possible. A varied website should include interesting images and videos to keep your users entertained. You may even want to link a slideshow on your business website up to your latest social media posts, to provide a social media feed on your homepage, too. This could be your latest Instagram images or your latest Tweets.

This sort of live feed will also help to create a more relevant and active website so that users can feel as though they are engaging with you in the moment and moving along with you as you update your feed.


Consider Linking Up to Google Maps

A great interactive feature for a business website if you have a physical location or address is using an online map. Setting your business up with Google My Business holds many advantages, but if you can also include a link to your location through a map which users can click on for Street View, this can create an easier way for users to explore, find your location or simply learn more about where you are based.

This can be particularly helpful for local businesses and those who want to find the precise location of a business in order to visit it after discovering it online. Using Google Maps helps to create a level of trust by offering extra key contact information in a highly visual way, and it saves users having to copy and paste their address information into Google Map directions themselves.


High-Quality SEO

If you want your business website to be found and favored highly by search engines, then high-quality SEO is what you need. Your website should be full of SEO techniques and keywords to make sure your content is relevant, engaging and built with search-engines in mind.

Everything you place or include on your website should include good SEO practices, and make sure that no content will deter search engines from favoring your business website highly. Therefore, whether it is blog posts, an image description or a product listing, always thinking about the ways in which your website can push keywords and be more easily found online by the right people.


Active Content

Users will react more favorably to content on a website that seems to live and breathe. This means thinking about active and moveable content, such as slideshows, sliders for the headers, reels, menus that update and change, and any other active content which makes your website look (and feel) less static.

This can be easier for websites such as online stores if you can use reels and slideshows to showcase new products, new deals or information — but that does not mean it still cannot be done for business websites that are not housing an online product. You can still use more active content to display social media posts, promote your latest blog posts, or simply reel through key information such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us Here’.

Using technology to your advantage in order to create a high-quality business website is key, but also understanding how certain tech features can help to improve your website on an ongoing basis is also important.

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