Tech That is Changing The iGaming Trends

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A key driver of growth in the iGaming industry is the ability to change and adapt. Online casinos have been very good at adapting to that change and utilizing technology. The industry is at the forefront when it comes to mobile gaming and interfaces. Many iGaming companies are investing heavily in the latest cutting-edge VR technology to improve the gaming experience. An exciting area where iGaming companies have been at the forefront is innovation in online payments. The gambling industry has experimented with new technology without spending massive amounts of money to ensure people engage. iGaming fans are more likely to adopt new technologies; therefore, the industry can take more risks. What upcoming trends can we expect to dominate the iGaming industry in 2020 and beyond?


Gaming payments need flexibility

Since online casinos operate in such an intensely competitive market, many operators offer similar services, quick pay-ins and outs are a vital competitive tool that keeps players loyal. As many casinos and betting sites operate in a global market, and they must accept a wide choice of local and international payment methods that fulfill customer preferences in different countries around the world. To deal with such complexities, iGaming companies have invested a lot in advanced payment systems focused on speed and flexibility.

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Enhancing the Game Universe

One of the most prevalent trends in conventional gaming is updating to enhance the game. Fans get hooked on the gameplay with titles like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, or even Pokémon. Updates further enhance the worlds to explore more of the game’s universe. Developers can use the DLC (downloadable content) model that creates a better gaming experience. Imagine that for online casino games. Kingdom Rise by Playtech features several games with the possibility of earning coins you can then use at one of the games across each game in that franchise. The sprawling world is reminiscent of renowned game franchises that span across numerous titles and expansion packs.  Nintendo recently added an expansion pack to its latest generation of Pokémon games – Sword and Shield. Gaming is heading in that direction with online casinos leading the pack.


Franchise Slots

One of the more popular slot themes is taking a successful franchise and adding new ways for fans to engage while playing. That may tie in with an upcoming release. It helps to keep the franchise alive after it has fallen off the radar. It allows fans to indulge in nostalgia about the franchise, providing cohesion between different aspects of entertainment. There are demo casino games in calendar form on sites. They include a slot themed around the famous TV show Friends. Another is based on Downton Abbey, and another on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Friends work on a nostalgic level, while Downton Abbey helps tie into the recent film. Star Trek helps to promote the continuing saga. Playing a game based on something familiar can encourage new players at an online casino to test the waters.



Many new online casinos already use blockchain and cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. If used successfully, it will lead to the further uptake of alternative payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are undertaking changes in 2020 and 2021. More people are moving towards using e-wallets. Using e-wallets in conjunction with online casinos and betting sites shows how they work in other formats, such as e-retailing. Online casinos are acting as a testing ground for the cryptocurrency industry, and they can check how people are interacting with the technology. Tech-savvy people tend to play at online casinos, and it helps to show how the industry can benefit from that. There are rumored partnerships between major banks with Ripple and Ethereum. The blockchain is becoming hard to ignore.

2021 will be a telling year for the iGaming industry as it continues to adopt new technology that has succeeded elsewhere. That includes creating casino games with an overarching story. Also, slot games are based on popular franchises to keep them alive in another format. Moreover, casinos that add more uses for the blockchain cryptocurrency are set to increase.

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