Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synthesizers

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Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synthesizers

Pocket Operator synthesizers are three systems to choose from, in the form of the PO-12 “Rhythm” drum machine, the PO-14 “Sub” bass synth, and the PO-16 “Factory” melody unit.

Each synthesiser has been created using a minimal design exposing the circuit board and raw buttons to both keep costs low and also provide a very unique looking pocket synthesizer. That are equipped with a range of mechanical switches and knobs, together with a built-in speaker and both in and out 3.5mm jacks

Teenage Engineering has equipped all three synthesizer with 16-step sequencing and a selection of 16 sounds to choose from, together with 16 additional effects. For more information on what you can expect from the pocket sized synthesisers, that are powered by two double-A batteries, check out the video released last year by musical Cuckoo providing a hands-on demonstration of an early prototype.

The new Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synthesiser range will be available to view and purchase at this years NAMM 2015 event that kicks off in a later this week, with a set of three priced at $177.


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