TEKKEN 7’s Season Pass 4 Details Has Been Released!

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TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 4

As we coming close to a new season for TEKKEN 7 esports, Bandai Namco has released the circumstances surrounding the upcoming Season Pass 4 for their hit game! While there will be the usual gameplay changes, the new content coming is the real aspect to look forward to.

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, when the pass first released, players will get a fighter who was last seen in Tekken Tag Tournament 2; Kunimitsu. There will also be the new Vermilion Gates stage. Players who choose to get the pass will then have to look ahead to Spring 2021 for the second character and stage to be unlocked.

This new season pass will come with a few free updates for everyone. These updates come with:

  • New Moves: All TEKKEN 7 characters will be receiving new moves to add to their arsenal of martial arts skills.

  • Updated UI: More streamlined user interface

  • Online Play Enhancements: Response improvement / Wi-Fi indicator

  • TEKKEN Prowess: A new way for players to see their TEKKEN skills through points scoring. TEKKEN Prowess is calculated through a player’s highest owned rank, the total rank of all characters, play stats, and the number of matches played.

  • Rank System Renewal: A new top-level rank will be added to TEKKEN 7; those who reach this new highest level rank will be given the title of “TEKKEN GOD OMEGA”.

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