TELAERO Drone Flight Planner Software in Action

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TELAERO Drone Flight Planner Software

TELAERO drone flight planner software allows users to create the perfect shot before the drone even takes off using a 3D environment, watch the video below to learn more about this new software that is looking for funding from the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

Its creators explain more about the functionality and features of their drone flight planning software:

“With a drone, you can capture stunning aerial views like never before. However, clunky, 2D flight-planning software lacks a realistic landscape of objects and obstacles, making refined flight planning, and photo capturing, challenging and time consuming.

TELAERO’s, imagery-driven flight planning software gives you precision, thanks to a 3D environment that lets you dial in a tight flight plan and preview your imagery before takeoff. Capture your “money shot” with ease by removing the guesswork.”

“TELAERO offers proprietary 3D flight planning view and camera-view, empowering photographers and videographers to preview their imagery before takeoff and capture the “money shot” with speed and ease.

TELAERO removes the guesswork of flight planning by allowing a novice with little to no piloting skills to script and preview an entire flight, including planning photos, from a computer—before the drone ever leaves the ground.

TELAERO’s increased precision empowers flight planners to incorporate sophisticated maneuvers like swoops, helices, and close-ups around points of interest like never before.

TELAERO’s interactive table details latitude, longitude, elevation, aircraft heading, gimbal pitch, and length of perch to capture the shot exactly how you want for as long as you want.”



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