Ten Interesting Tricks of the Google Chrome for Users

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There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the most popular browser nowadays. Google developers created a unique application that combines a variety of features, extensions, games, and special commands. Even if you utilize Chrome for a very long time, you may not know about special tricks that are available in a few clicks. Here, you can learn more about it

Ten Interesting Tricks that Makes Google Chrome so Awesome

Chrome browser is undoubtedly one of the most popular browsers, which has earned the trust of millions of people due to its user-friendly interface and interesting features. At the same time, the browser has a considerable number of little-known functions that will facilitate the use and shorten the steps of actions for the necessary command. We have collected ten useful additions that can be useful in the work.

  1. Save & Download Favorite Bookmarks in PDF

Sometimes it is necessary to save a page with an interesting article of the site exactly in the form in which you currently see it. For this, the best choice would be the PDF format, which takes up little space and is ideal for printing. To save pages to PDF, you need to press the key combination Ctrl + P (Windows) or Cmd + P (Mac), and then select the option “Print to PDF” in the list of parameters to define printers. Download Google Chrome Standalone Installer and make your PDF collection of bookmarks in a few clicks.

  1. Manage & Control Your Accounts and Passwords

Chrome’s password manager is used by many. But not everyone knows how to view the passwords from one site or another here – and such a need arises constantly. In order not to go into the notebook with the entries, enter chrome: // settings / passwords in the address bar and find the account you need using the search string. Click on it with the mouse button, after which the “Show” button will appear in this line.

  1. Send an Email in a few Clicks

When we want to write a new letter, we usually have to open a new tab, and then go to the window for creating a message. The path can be shortened. In the Chrome browser, type in the address bar (after the second time, Chrome will save the recording, and you will not have to drive it into the string all the time). You will see a window for creating a new letter.

  1. Create More Shortcuts on your Favorites Panel

Agree, it is not very pleasant when you want to bookmark a great article, but there are no places on the panel. If there is a desire to fit more bookmarks on the favorites panel, then you can delete their names and leave only the buttons with icons. To do this, click on the tab with the right mouse button and select the item “Edit” in the appeared menu. Further, the window of properties in which it is necessary to clear the Name field will open.

  1. Boost the Performance of Your Laptop & PC

If your computer has started to slow down due to the huge number of tabs, and you don’t want to close them so as not to interrupt work, then Chrome suggests using the following option – partial clearing of memory using the task manager. Press Shift + Esc, and the embedded task manager window opens.

Here you will see which of the sites in your tabs take up a lot of memory and, as a result, slow down the work. Sort the sites by the size of consumed memory and completely unnecessary at the moment. Thus, all tabs will remain in their places, and the operation of the device will accelerate.

  1. How to View the Cached Version of Websites

Sometimes when we read the article quickly, and in the evening, we decide to familiarize ourselves more closely. But on the website, it is already gone – what to do? A familiar situation that is easily solved: Google Chrome allows you to view a copy of the web page from the Google cache. In this case, all you have to do is put in front of its cache: address and press Enter.

  1. How to Re-Open a Bookmark

A rather old function, about which, as it turned out, almost no one knows. If you accidentally or deliberately closed the tab and now do not remember how to find this page you need, then press “Ctrl + Shift + T,” and that’s all – you’ll see that tab.

  1. How to Save Your Sessions

Incredibly handy feature! For example, you have been writing a diploma for a month or choosing a new smartphone, and your browser is bursting with a number of tabs. And then suddenly you need to choose a gift for your parents or book a hotel for a summer vacation, and this implies that you need to open a few more tabs.

In order not to get confused and not lose the speed of the PC, you can save them all in a separate folder in the “favorites.” With Google Chrome, this is done as follows: at the same time, press Ctrl + Shift + D and select the folder name, and save the location. Now you can safely close all these tabs and open them at once another time when you want to return to them.

  1. How to Open Your Browser with Certain Bookmarks

If you start your working day with a standard list of your favorite or necessary sites, then for convenience you can set up Chrome so that when you open a new window or restart your browser, it opens the same pages with your favorite sites. Go to the settings, find the sub-item “Set pages” and add a whole list.

  1. How to Block Inappropriate Content for Kids

Of course, it is impossible to completely fence the child away from information that it is too early for him to know. But to minimize its flow is quite. To prevent your children from visiting forbidden sites, go to the settings (you can find them in the drop-down menu in the upper right corner under the cross), find the button “Add user” and don’t forget to check the box “View sites opened by this user and control his actions through account <your account>. A couple of minutes after that, you will receive a link to the page, with the help of which you will be able to close access for this new account to various sites, as well as to watch the history of its visits.



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