Ten Tips To Become a Awesome WoW Player

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World of Warcraft

One of the hardest things in World of Warcraft is making the transition from leveling and playing casually to joining raids or even dungeon groups. YouTuber LazyPeon’s video, tuned warlords of Draenor, helps a lot.

Before the tips here is a quick reply for the situations: When you’re in a group and something bad happens, always blame the healer. If you are the healer, always blame the tank.

A quick summary of the ten steps to becoming a better player:

  • Set your keybindings
  • Research your class and its specs
  • Learn to interrupt, dispell, and decurse
  • Try different roles
  • Track cooldowns
  • Be communicative
  • Research boss fights and boss mechanics before the encounters
  • Optimize your character
  • Learn how crowd control works
  • Practice


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