Terra Nil Is A City-Builder And You Can Rebuild A Apocalyptic World

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Terra Nil

Most of the city-builders throw themselves as something idyllic, all blue skies, peaceful, the upcoming Terra Nil for the PC goes in a slightly different direction, giving you a world that has experienced complete environmental collapse then asking you to clean it up and make it habitable.

It’s still got some green grass, of course, but your work here is to create the conditions that will enable it to survive, by cleaning up the water and soil and gradually working to bring life back to the devastated planet. There’s even the end goal of getting nature back to the point where you can pack up all the buildings you’ve used and recycle them.

The art looks gorgeous, and Free Lives says it will vary in various different regions in the game, with each map you play on being procedurally generated. They also say the soundtrack is “meditative.”

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