TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED: SOLAR CROWN First Teaser Revealed To The World!

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It was announced by the NACON and KT Racing earlier this week, they will be releasing another new game into the WRC series as well as a brand new game for the Test Drive Unlimited series. Test Drive Unlimed: Solar Crown brings back the high-life feel from this sub-series from Test Drive. The new cinematic trailer which you can check out below is titled “Head to Head” which is highlighted with shiny cars and high-stakes gambling. The series had been on break for almost a decade so it’s awesome to see it finally make a comeback. Solar Crown is teased to be the first of many chapters for the upcoming series. This means that NACON and KT Racing are planning for a lot of new content.

Solar Crown will bring back the deep and exciting new environments that the series is known for as well as bring in new characteristics to push the series even further. Of course, the game will have elegant and beautiful cars, customization, avatars, competitions, and also casinos for gamers to dig into and have pleasure with the new game. NACON has teased that more news will be coming in July so there is still some time left to know more about the game, we get to see more of what Solar Crown really has to offer. It hasn’t been said what gaming consoles that it will release on besides PC at this point. We will get to know more about the consoles and the release date in due time, so stay in touch for more.

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