Test Your Luck in Let It Ride Computer Card Game

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If you are a fan of online card games you already know that you have an endless amount of games to choose from. It is true that some of the games like Blackjack and poker have been around for decades, but they have evolved over the years. There are now many different variations of these games available. However, it seems that as of late one card game that is gaining a lot of notoriety is let it Ride. This is a unique game that is somewhat similar to five-card stud. If you want to test your skills in this new and unique game there are a few things that you need to know ahead of time.


Understand the Basic Rules

Before you even delve into this unique game, you need to understand the basic rules. When it comes to Let It Ride, you are going to be placing wagers on a five-card poker hand that is formed by your own three cards along with two community cards. Initially, you will be dealt three cards and two community cards will be placed face down on the table. At this point, one of the community cards will be flipped over and the players can place wagers. Once all the wagers are placed the final card will be flipped over and players can then make final wagers.


Know That You Can Reduce Wagers

To most people, Let It Ride probably sounds like a trumped-up version of Texas Hold Em. However, when you play five-card stud poker online or any other variation of the game, you aren’t allowed to reduce your wagers. In fact, you can only increase your wagers and this is where Let It Ride is completely different. Once you look at your hand and before the first community card is revealed, you have the opportunity to reduce one-third of your initial wager. After the first community card is revealed, you will also have the option of reducing your wager. This is how the game got its name because if you don’t want to reduce your wager, you simply tell the dealer, “Let It Ride.” Keep in mind that you can also increase your wager during these distinct times as well.


The Three Card Bonus Bet

Depending on where you are playing there might be additional bets available for you to take advantage of. Some tables will allow players to place an optional side bet known as the three-card bonus bet. This bet is basically based on the three cards that you hold. This wager will be made at the start of the hand and it basically means that you are betting that you are going to get a pair or better. This is kind of like a blind bet and really depends on a lot of random luck.


Know the House’s Edge

Just like in poker or blackjack your decision should be based around the house’s edge. Most of the time with the right strategies the house in Let It Ride will probably have an edge of about 3.5% at the end of the third wager.

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