Charging Your Laptop On Your Bed Is A Bad Idea

We all use our laptops in our bed with our laptop’s charger plugged in. Are you aware that your laptop has Lithium-ion batteries? The very same batteries that are known for their compact design, life longevity and quick recharging cycles. Did you know that there’s another feature of these batteries that is quite harmful? The tendency to explode.

The dangers of lithium-ion batteries were once again brought to light following the fiasco of hoverboard explosions. The batteries ignited all of a sudden and set fire to entire homes at times. Just because your laptop or smartphone battery is small, don’t assume it doesn’t pack a punch. It still can be quite devastating if gets punctures, overcharged or used with the wrong device.

Why do they explode? The reaction takes place when lithium comes into contact with air and reacts violently with the oxygen. The real problem? This fire can’t be doused with water since lithium reacts with the oxygen in water as well. The only way to put out this fire is to douse the flames using a flame retardant powder or proper fire extinguisher.

Most of the devices do have a number of safety features to prevent the battery from overheating. They also feature robust cases to prevent any damage from taking place to battery. The devices also feature an automatic shut-off, thus relieving you of the duty of unplugging the device once the charging is complete. Almost all of the devices cut the power once the device overheats. Despite all these safety features, we would still suggest that you take necessary precautions.

Do not leave your device in direct sunlight and do not leave it plugged in. Charge your laptop before use and don’t leave it on charge for extended periods of time. Safety comes first.