That’s What Happened When Airliner Got Struck By Lightning

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That's What Happened When Airliner Got Struck By Lightning

Jack Perkins, an average traveler in a sensational video shows an aircraft on the ground being struck by a massive lightning bolt. This is something really incredible to watch.

Just so you know, a bolt that big would destroy a medium-sized building without a lightning conductor. After the lightning has struck the plane, it seems that the lightning has left some mark on the aircraft.  Although it appears that the aircraft had faced some kind of damage, it isn’t the case. The tower confirmed it for launch, and it was in the air before long.

The crew and the passengers probably felt nothing as the aircraft’s body has been designed to conduct the current and not get affected by it at all. So now you know the amazing engineering behind the huge aircrafts going through the storm clouds and make it through them.


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