That’s Why You Can’t Pre-Order Xbox Series X Right Now

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Xbox Series X

Microsoft has revealed the official name and some specs for previously known Project Scarlett and now it is called Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X will hit the market during the holiday season in 2020 with the Sony’s PlayStation 5. However, despite sharing the console at The Game Awards, Microsoft isn’t ready to take pre-orders –if you want to purchase it, you’ll have to wait a little longer. And that’s an intentional choice on the part of Microsoft.

“We think, in the end, what people want from us is … to put a controller [in their] hand,” Xbox partner director of program management Jason Ronald told GameSpot. “People tell me, ‘Hey, I want to pre-order right now,’ and we definitely love that–like it’s great to have those fans–but I also know that these investments aren’t trivial for families. I want to be transparent about what our design goals are.”

To ensure consumers know what they’re paying for, Microsoft is not going to allow pre-orders for a little longer. Though we now know a lot more about Xbox Series X, its cool PC desktop-looking design, the new share button on its new controllers, how it will work with Project xCloud, and a multitude of other details–we don’t know much details about quite a few things. The big one is, of course, How much will it cost.

Microsoft doesn’t want to start selling Xbox Series X yet because consumers haven’t had a chance to try the console yet. The Game Awards presents an excellent platform for news, but, as Ronald puts it, the show doesn’t present “an opportunity for people to play–it’s a stage.”

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