The 20 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

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GTA 5 Premium Online Edition

Behind nearly every successful video game is a budget of USD100 million-plus, with titles like Grand Theft Auto V costing more than double this. These large sums can lead to even larger profit, with Grand Theft Auto V generating USD6 billion in profit in its first five years of release. Official accounts for the most expensive video games ever developed are not always available, but accurate estimates are possible on how much has been spent on marketing and development costs as well as overall costs, even though the numbers are surprising. The most expensive games ever developed are works of art and give enjoyment to those who play whether online or offline since most have a multiplayer mode.
This infographic includes the names of the software development company and publisher responsible for the release of each game, alongside the overall budget for publication of the game. Also included are interesting facts about each game that you may not know, including details of the book author who opted for a one-time payment rather than recurring royalty payments for the series of games based on his novels.

The Most Expensive Video Games Ever Developed

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