The 4 Best Free Mahjong Games In 2019

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Technology has improved in recent years and has made gaming more interesting and appealing. Gaming has since moved from PC to mobile and has won the hearts of many. Mahjong is a tile-based game that involves skill, strategy and calculation and the set of tiles is based on Chinese characters and symbols. There are usually about 136 to 144 tiles in a set and the tiles are split into 3 categories: Simples, Honors, and Bonuses. Simples are divided into Dots, Bamboo, and Characters; Honors into Winds and Dragons; Bonuses into Flowers and Seasons.

There are many Mahjong games out there and you can play mahjong games for free on Below are a few fun Mahjong games to try out:


1. Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire is a tile-matching puzzle game that has no shuffles and is played solo. You simply have to match the tiles on each board as fast as you can. To play, choose a layout; there are usually up to four layouts in different outlets and your choice of the layout has an impact on the success of your game. After that, remove open blocks in pairs and make sure to use the hints tab, especially if you are still a learner. Your score is based on how many tiles you removed and how fast you played and you are entitled to a bonus if you removed all the blocks.


2. Holiday Mahjong Dimensions

Holiday Mahjong Dimensions is a fun and engaging game that you can play with friends and family during the holidays. The game features Christmas songs and the tiles match with Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments. The Holiday Mahjong game depends on how fast you can match two tiles that are free and have the same symbols. To know a free tile, it is usually uncovered and unblocked on both its left and right sides. To complete the game, you must complete all the sets before time runs.


3. Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai is a great game to train your brain as you connect unblocked, matching butterfly wings to let the butterflies fly away, so you can clear the board as quickly as you can. You can remove a pair of butterflies of the same species from the board if there is an open path between them that has more than 2 right-angle turns. Simply click on the first, followed by the second and you will see a red line connecting both, after which the pair flies away.


4. Khris Mahjong

Khris Mahjong is a fun game where you match two identical tiles that are unconnected on at least one side. It focuses on how quickly you can match all the yummy burgers, fries and other kinds of food on the tiles. Clear all the tiles from the board to complete the game.



There are many different variants of Mahjong games that can be played both offline and online. They are available on both PC and mobile devices to give you the best experience and what’s more, you get to play for free!


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