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The Slot Machine Over the Years and Debunking the 5 Most Common Slot Machine Myths

The first-ever slot machine was invented in the year 1895 by a car mechanic named Charles Fey. His invention was first called the Liberty Bell, and the idea of coming up with such a machine was to keep his customers entertained while waiting for their vehicles to be fixed.

The Liberty Bell machine featured pictures of playing cards and cracked liberty bells. This was played by pulling a lever found at the side of the machine. The only time that players could win was if three Liberty Bells came up. With this machine, players could win as much as 50 cents.

It did not take long before slot machines started to spread almost everywhere. In 1902, the machines were finally banned in some parts of the United States. However, Charles and his competitors still found a way to continue their slot machine businesses.

It was in the same year when fruit machines came about. These machines were dressed as candy dispensers. Instead of playing cards and the Liberty Bells, these machines featured different fruits like cherries, lemons, and melons. When players win, they get to exchange their wins to gums or candies based on the fruit line-up.

Surely, this very popular casino game has quite an interesting history. As years go by, the slot machine has been improved and since gambling is becoming legal in more states, more and more people play this game. Because of this, different myths about the slot machine came about.

Common Slot Machine Myths

In any industry, it is common for people to have their own beliefs. For slot machines, there are players who would insist on a few things about what they believe. Here are a few slot machine myths that we’d like to debunk.

  • Slot machines are pre-programmed

Some people may tell you that slot machines are pre-programmed to have a bot and cold streaks, but this isn’t really the case. The results that you get from all slot machines are completely random.

If you do notice that the machine you’re playing with is on a streak, keep in mind that such a scenario can only last short-term. Even if casinos or websites claim that their slot machines will most likely have a better payout on a specific time of the month or week, don’t believe them.

The bottom line is that slot machines are completely random and there’s no way that the results it can give you can be altered. This is true even if you’re playing a real money slot game on casino sites.

  • Slot machines with levers to pull give you more chances of winning

Since technology has already enhanced slot machines, casinos nowadays offer different types of slots. There are the old school machines with levers and there are also the electric slots that would only require you to push a button.

Some players avoid button slot machines as they believe that the machines with levers will give them better chances of winning.

Whether you pull a lever or push a button to play this game, the random results you’ll get won’t be affected. If there’s anything that will be different, pushing a button will let you play more rounds in a short span of time rather than pulling a lever.

  • It will take longer for the machine to give another win right after the jackpot has been hit

Basically, this is when some players believe that if a specific slot machine hasn’t paid out a good amount for a long time, then it’s due for a winning spin. This is a sister myth of the previous one we have about how slot machines are pre-programmed.

Again, all the results you’ll get are random and can never be predicted. The same thing goes with how a slot machine that just gave away the jackpot will take long before another win is due.

  • You can’t improve your chances of winning

Even if the results of any slot machines are random, you can still improve your chances of winning by checking on the percentage of the payout of the machine and by using loyalty or player cards that enable you to get bonuses or free spins.

  • Using a player’s card will lessen the chance for you to win

Now that we’ve mentioned how it’s fine to use a player’s or loyalty card, this is the perfect time to debunk what a lot of players still think about this. Whether you use actual tokens, coins, or the said card, the machine will not be affected in any way.

Overall, what seems to be the source of all these myths are the different strategies and beliefs of players. It’s either you live by them or not, but at the end of the day, you still can’t control any slot machines. This machine is made for you to have fun and challenge your luck, so let these myths stay the way they are.


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