The 650bhp Roush F-150 Truck Can Do 60mph in 3.9secs

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Roush F-150 Truck

Check out this powerful pick-up truck which is a rare breed, tremendous pleasure, meet F-150 via Roush Performance which is both in entirely unnecessarily powerful, and quite enormous.

Roush now tells us its incorrectly spelled NITEMARE 4×4 just did 0-60mph in 3.9secs. Which is the grand pantheon of ‘Going Really Quite Quickly’, is really quick for sure.

Roush ran a pair of its modified F-150s at a drag strip in Michigan. The first one – SuperCrew spec, light fuel load, Sport mode activated, locked rear diff, Conti tires inflated to 32psi – ran the gauntlet in 4.1secs.

But it’s the second one, a ‘Regular Cab’ modded F-150 which is same as to a production NITEMARE pick-up, that fell below four seconds. That’s very quick for something so big and useful.

The Roush F-150 has the blow. The standard 5.0-liter V8 gains from a mighty supercharger to take power up to 650bhp and 650lb ft of torque, along with a special new exhaust, stickers and badges.

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