The 8 Ways 5G Will Enhance Your Android & IOS Apps.

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The fifth-generation or 5G network is the latest and fastest version of cellular networks. Phones and apps will have to adapt to the 5G speed to keep up. And this newest network system will significantly affect your Android and IOS mobile apps.

The 5G network is decidedly better than its predecessor 4G network. It is ten times faster than 4G with a speed of almost 10Gbps. 5G is already being used in many countries and soon will be accessible to the general public through network providers around the globe.

Apps will come out with new features to remain compatible with this fast network. While you won’t see any drastic changes, some developments will surely be done. Phone brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Apple are working on new models that are compatible with 5G. The 8 possible changes that you might notice are given below.


1. Development In AR, VR And MR Quality

Alternate reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality are already used in many apps. These features currently use 4G networks. With the 5G network, these features will be faster and smoother. Data can be processed faster. Streaming will face less lag. We can expect significant development in these features after 5G becomes widespread.


2. Higher Density In Connections

The 5G network comes with higher bandwidth. It can support almost a million devices using the internet in a congested place. This is good news for users with multiple devices. The speed and improved network density will make it easier for you to use mobile networks in crowded places.

There are speculations regarding another fast internet provider technology, and that is the “Apple fi.” It is estimated to cost only $4.99 a month and will provide high-speed internet using satellite devices. Some even think investing in apple fi maybe better than investing in 5g. You can learn more about it in this StocksReviewed blog post on “apple fi.”


3. Smoother Streaming Of Videos

Video streaming is quite popular these days. Most videos use a format of 360p, 480p, and 720p. Higher pixels mean higher consumption of data in a small-time, which ultimately causes network lag.

There are plenty of areas where the videos will stop and buffer even on 480p. Many network providers limit the resolution format for this reason. However, the 5G network is much faster and has a latency period of zero.

So you can look forward to 4K and ultra-HD videos streaming peacefully without buffering that too in a crowded place.


4. Better Hopes For IoT (Internet of Things)

5G is the ideal opportunity for IoT. IoT is a system of connecting devices via the internet. This system is used in connecting cars, smart cities, logistics, supply chains, security, and emergency responses.

To run things smoothly, higher bandwidth and faster networks are necessary for IoT. In a smart city, traffic and emergency response will be integrated through the internet. In smart home features, you can connect the fridge, TV, and car to your smartphone through the internet.

5G network is ideal for these because it is many times faster and has a reduced latency period. As a result, many devices can be connected to the network without facing lag.


5. Enhanced Accuracy In GPS SystemS

The GPS that we use now has an accuracy of 50 to 100 meters. That means your location can be way off the actual place sometimes. Efficiency is even lower in areas with poor connectivity.

5G can deliver a GPS accuracy of one meter. This will be a significant improvement in our navigation system. Enhanced GPS systems can also be used for better tracking and security purposes around the world.


6. Improved Gaming Interface

Online gaming has been a popular genre in the gaming community. Whether it’s FPS, RPG, or sports, there are gaming competitions all over the world. And mobile gaming is at its all-time best at the moment.

The high speed and lower latency period of the 5G network will make your gaming experiences much smoother. GPS, augmented reality, virtual reality, speed, and lower latency are all crucial in the gaming industry.

For instance, in gaming, the latency period will be reduced from 20 milliseconds to 5 milliseconds. Milliseconds may not seem much but in competitive games like League of legends or battle royal games, this significant difference of 15 milliseconds can be the deciding factor between the winner and the loser.

Consumers always lean towards games with better interfaces. Gamers also go through multitudes of updates, patches, and fixes. A 5G network will improve these issues. As a result, gaming apps will see significant developments.


7. Ads May Become More Tolerable

5G will make ads better targeted and context-relevant. Since internet usage will increase in 5G, ad providers will be able to gather more information about the public. An accurate GPS will deliver the precise location of the user as well.

So you can expect to see ads of the exact products you need. The higher speed of the 5G network will also let you engage with the ads through virtual or augmented reality. These options are currently unavailable only because of the low quality of the system in 4G.


8. Advantages In eMBB And URLLC

eMBB means enhanced mobile broadband. 5G will enable mobile network service providers to add the features of VR, AR, and ultra-HD video. Your mobile internet using experience will highly improve if apps become 5G compatible.

URLLC means ultra-reliable low-latency communications. Achieving lower levels of latency period is the main feature of 5G. The latency period of 5G is as little as one to five milliseconds. This feature will enable real-time data processing easily.

Jobs, in which time is crucial, will also benefit highly from the lower latency period. The android and IOS apps will possibly develop keeping this feature in mind. You will get the most benefit from 5G if you have smart home features.


Final Thoughts

5G will change your experience of using mobile data altogether. Mobile apps will give you so much more than now. If 5G becomes extensive, improved, and accurate internet experience will be underway.

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