The AeroMobil Flying Car Prototype Crashes Into The Fields With Inventor Inside

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The AeroMobil Flying Car Prototype Crashes

AeroMobil had been working on successive prototype designs. This attempt was the third generation of such working flying cars. The plane went into a tailspin and forced the owner pilot of AeroMobil Stefan Klein into deploying the emergency parachute that slowed down the impact. However, the wreckage still suggests that the impact with the ground was immense. One the upside, we at least know that the brakes work! But don’t loose hope as the future still holds some promise.

The AeroMobil Flying Car Prototype Crashes

We have introduced you to several designs of flying cars. Some were very practical and marketable in nature as they could perform well both as a car and a plane. However, there have been 2,000 or more attempts to make flying cars. Many of them were just planes that could behave like a car on the road. Aeromobil’s car is undergoing fast-track development, and the 3.0 prototype had been developed in recent times. After the failure, it is expected that the company will go back to the drawing board and solve the performance issues. The prototype was hovering at 300 meters when the pilot experienced serious problems and had to deploy the Advanced Ballistic Parachute System.

The AeroMobil was supposed to be made available to the public within two years, but no surprises if the date gets extended after the accident. However, the company is undeterred, and it wants to continue the development of its prized product come what may. The company also announced that the data from the crash will be used for further analysis.


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