The BATTLEFIELD V Multiplayer Trailer Revealed At E3

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Battlefield V

EA released a new trailer for Battlefield V Multiplayer aspect. We already know that game is coming with a multiplayer aspect and we are quite looking forward to it, just as the previous games had, but it is a bit odd that they chose to show more cinematic than gameplay focused game footage.

The trailer footage looks badass and I’m happy to see that they are adopting Battlefield V in a way that shows they are putting a lot of hard work in the game. Let’s just hope and pray that it’s not all show and we don’t end up with another bugs infested game while charging the front lines. Although, it did seem like there may be some co-op multiplayer available in the game, as you will see at the end of the trailer.

The game already confirmed to take place during World War II, I hope they will bring back the online maps in the game. The multiplayer trailer doesn’t tell us much about what to really expect when playing online, they have already announced that there will be Battle Royale in multiplayer, now the hype of the game is increased and I like to see more details of the game in the coming months.

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