The Best 2021 Phone Number Lookup With Name Review

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Do you intend to expose a cold caller? Would you wish to know more about a specific phone number? Many websites that offer premium and free reverse phone number lookup searches are available. It supports enormous public records. It’s also easy to build someone’s complete profile with ease. Many leading options websites will enable you to get an individual’s criminal records. They will locate lost family members and friends. They will also help find out the person messaging your partner. You will identify nuisance callers and scammers.


The US search

It’s not a must you sign for membership to be able to do a reverse phone lookup. You will print reports free of charge. You will get enough detailed information about the targeted number. On the flip side, you may not get accurate information.

Despite the quality of information given, you won’t get the number’s email address. It’s also poor in determining relationships. The website isn’t transparent on how you can use the information provided.



Lots of detail.

Free printing of reports.

You can search without registering for membership.



Gives bad reviews

It doesn’t have a free trial.

It’s a website without a mobile app.

Not clear on how to use the information.



$2.45 for the essential people search.

$15 for the state criminal record search.

$40 for a background check.

$20 for a monthly subscription.


Consumer feedback

It has many one- and two-star reviews and few positive reviews.


The PeopleFinders

The site is convenient and pleasant. You can use the phone number, city of residence, or their name. The site gets a match, you provide your payment data, and then they deliver the person’s report. They offer massive data with an address, name, previous property, and previous evictions. They will provide relatives’ data and provide a criminal record.



You don’t need a membership.

Android devices have an app.

It has a cheap three-day trial.



It has a cancellation fee.

It doesn’t have a social media search function.

Apple devices have no app.



They have excellent membership features. You can remove yourself from searches using the opt-out feature.

You can do many searches without an extra fee.



$8 cancellation fee.

$3 three days trial.

$30 regular subscription per month.


Consumer friendliness

It’s an overall pretty good site. It’s rated high on third-party sites. It’s available to call between six to seven on weekdays and seven to three-thirty on weekends. You can write them a letter if you wish.


The peopleLooker

It’s a decent site with standard quantity and quality information. It provides a guideline on how to use the information it provides. It’s confidential to hide your identity in searches.



They have many features, including people search and information removal features. For the People search, you enter a person’s details like address, name, email, or phone number. The site will reference any available record to find the best match of their information. It takes time but gives detailed information. The court runner option provides everything about the criminal history.

It looks at court records, arrest records and current warrants. It also checks misdemeanor records and verifies them to provide accurate data. You can check and remove misleading or false information.



$1 five-day trial.

$23 one-month subscription.

$19 per month for a three-month subscription.


Consumer friendliness

They have representatives from 6 am to 11:30 pm to offer service. You can call, email, or fill their contact form to communicate with them. The reps are helpful and friendly and provide practical and quick solutions.



Its most extensive merit is the variety. You can search using any data you have, like the vehicle identification number. You will get the past and present data on a car like the previous owner, price, recalls, and accidents.

The site has an unclaimed money search. You will know the money owed to you that you were not aware of. For example, overpaid bills, misplaced bonds, and private companies with your dept. Use the unclaimed money search option to access this service.

It has mobile apps that function the same as the site.



Offers updated information

Has many ways of data looking.

It advises on how to use and not use the provided information.

Members have unlimited searches.

Android and Apple devices apps.



It doesn’t have a free trial.

It may take a while to work.

They aren’t super accurate in their reports.



$23 monthly subscription.

$15 per month for a three-month subscription.


Consumer friendliness

Excellent customer service. They work via an email system available for 17 hours every week.

They respond to customers faster without failure. They are thorough, helpful, professional, and polite in their communication. They are prompt.

Now you know where to go when you need to do a background check. Use your time to find the most appropriate website that fits your budget.

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