The Best And The Worst Game Bosses

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 Battles with bosses are great in themselves. True, except for those moments when they are terrible. In this article, we present to you some selected best and worst bosses.

The best game bosses

 Argus, Vanquish

Argus, Vanquish

For decades, Japanese video game bosses have been following the so-called concept of Macross: a flurry of intimidating missile strikes cuts the sky, leaving behind a plume of white smoke. For many years all this was present mainly in 2D games and also in the magnificent Bangai-o game. Even though the battle with Argus belongs to the very straightforward “hit the weak spots” style, fighting this main guy is one of the most compelling moments. You can observe the promised implementation of Macross rocket explosions in 3D – and it looks really cool.

After you inflicted considerable damage to Argus, he stops firing at you from his gun, starting to produce hundreds of missiles instead. This moment is definitely discouraging, but at the same time, it demonstrates the whole essence of the Vanquish boss game. It is a mixture of a very characteristic Japanese action game with elements of an American 3rd person shooter.

Artorias of the Abyss, Dark Souls

Artorias of the Abyss, Dark Souls

Artorias of the Abyss is considered the boss of Dark Souls and is the best boss ever. This tragic character is a symbol of the fundamental story of the Abyss DLC, which in NPC dialogues and descriptions is referred to as an “armed to the teeth” hero. A player does not want to kill Artorias, but he obviously went too far, so there is no choice. This is typical Dark Souls. At the same time, Artorias does not look like an ordinary main guy in this game, and it makes him so unique.

Most bosses are sluggish, clumsy monsters, which you slowly kill until you destroy them completely. Artorias is the complete opposite. This is a relatively small, but at the same time, a powerful knight, moving incredibly cleverly and quickly.

His appearance was desecrated by the abyss, but the movements remained the same. The whole game you fight with hippos, the attack of which lasts no longer than 19 seconds, and then Arthorias appears with his front flips. He plays as naturally as a real player would. He rolls like you, attacks and retreats like you. It resembles a sudden alarm going off, which will not allow you to even catch your breath. Arthorias is not inferior to the main guys of Bloodborne, or Dark Souls 3.

Jubileus, The Creator, Bayonetta

Jubileus, The Creator, Bayonetta

How else can such a great game end other than with a battle of cosmic scale? At this stage of the game, you can easily cope with the basic opponents and fight middle-class bad guys. Suddenly, Jubileus comes from heaven, with a huge reserve of health, in a variety of forms, each of which yearns for battle.

Jubileus is a versatile hero of this game, unlike other predictable bosses. He has several guises, each has its own kind of attack, which easily inflicts damage to your weak spots, and with every blow it makes, it only gets stronger. Each of his weapons is designed for certain purposes and so fighting this guy is lots of fun indeed.

The worst game bosses

Goul, Destiny 2

The final fight with Goul, the leader of the Red Legion and a creature resembling a walrus, who destroyed the Tower, is a complete disappointment.

This is an ordinary battle in the arena against the vaunted Warlord Cabal. Gole is an aggregate of great health and imaginary power. Most of the time he is not present in the battle, and whenever he lifts his ugly head, you just shoot at him with one shot of your replenishing superpower.

You spend more time fighting with the regular enemies on the ship than with Goul, which accordingly does not allow for any culmination, as the arena is boring, there are similar enemies all around, and there are not too many of them.

The Arkham Knight drill fight, Batman: Arkham Knight

In Arkham series, there was a couple of decent fights against the bosses, but there were many more bad ones. They have popular storylines such as luring a tortured fat guy so you can manage to dodge letting him crash into the wall. The developers of this game decided to come up with the longest pursuit involving the Batmobile.

Arkham Knight is the final boss attacks in Gotham’s dungeons, controlling a device that looks like a drill. You have to lure him into places with explosives, avoiding barriers and dodging rotating blades. You have to do so a little less than for 10 minutes, but it will seem like an eternity to you.

We like Arkham games, but they have 90 percent of bosses that could be dealt with without much effort.


Fontaine, Bioshock

“It’s horrible. You play this magnificent game, and suddenly it ends with a battle with a giant naked guy. “We did not have any better ideas,” Kevin Levin once said. And that is a pity. The finale of this game eradicated all the positive in it by the usual massacre with a large muscular boss monster who was naked at that. The game storyline was completely lost after meeting Andrew Ryan, although it had to develop further.

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