The Best Betting Console Games While You’re Stuck At Home

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Now that a lot of people all over the globe are stuck at home, because of the coronavirus, I thought it’s the perfect time to tell some of our favorite games to keep your boredom at bay. This is why I’ve taken the time to compose a shortlist of quality games that can easily kill the hours of the day. So whether you’re looking for a game you can really get into or are simply looking for something with some more depth than your normal betting games, then we have got your back with a roundup of the best betting games to play while you’re stuck at home alone, Here is a bonus game for you to try Online Poker in NJ on the browser if you are not completely in for a console gaming right now.

In recent years, we see many online casinos being released into the gambling market. However, what about these games on gaming consoles?


Social Games

About 200 million people, all over the world, enjoy playing social casino games. Many players love these virtual poker experiences on their phones, while many want to play this tiny sector through their PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

sadly, for those who want the use of consoles over PCs for betting, the choices are very not that much. The best chance can be found by going online casinos through the web browser of a console.

Casino game developers are smart and have noticed the gap in the market between the casino gaming and console gaming market. According to experts, a good amount of poker games will come for the console gaming market in the near future.

The console casino games might not be in great numbers, but their visuals are simply mesmerizing. The appearance and gameplay of these titles are given on both Sony and Microsoft consoles.


Casino Games on Console

With the first mentions, online casinos work on phones and desktop computers. Although there are many types of casino games on these gadgets, there are a few which are available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Here are some good casino games which we have tries and love that confirmed to be famous among the people who love to live on the edge.


The Four King Casino & Slots

A very famous and loved the game for the PS4 is The Four King Casino & Slots which lets the player choose his/her own avatar, with extensive customization features, before getting into the virtual casino. The game is also available on Steam, which means people can try the game on a PC desktop as well which is great. The game offers the top real-world benefits, with table games, a comprehensive selection of slots, and all other bells and whistles.

One of the best characteristics is the social features of the game. The game is a social MMO that lets players communicate in a virtual simulated casino. It has a large community with many little games to play. The effects of the game are long-lasting, as in organized leaderboards with 3-month competitions.

Pure Hold’Em

Pure Hold’Em is you can enjoy on both PS4 and Xbox One. Both of these gaming consoles can give out the max gambling experience of this title. It is a multiplayer game that lets players interact with each other with a competition possibility. The skilled team of Pure Pool made this game with the most awesome graphics of any casino game for Xbox One and PS4. The game comes with multiplayer online support. Players are able to create and get into tournaments with most of 8 other players.

Prominence Poker

This video game is developed by 505 Games and received a reputation for one of the best simulation casino games. If you haven’t tried the game yet then you should while sitting at home binging Netflix. The game can be played on both Sony and Microsoft consoles and it can also be located on Steam for PC users. The in-game content is appearing in a virtual city, called Prominence. The in-game journey is a battle road towards the Mayor. Gamers in their solo career will meet four other factions with the last and ultimate boss being the Mayor. This final game babby will guide the player until their meeting. Past the solo play, players can also go multiplayer with plan events, tournaments, daily challenges, and leaderboard standings.

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