The Best Desktop Console For Streamers

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Loupedeck is taking $40 off the price of the Loupedeck Live, taking it down to $229. This is the only time this device goes for less than the asking price.

So safe to say it’s a good time to buy one up if you’re influenced in any way. So take a look at what the Loupedeck really is, deep down.

The Loupedeck is sort of like a PC multi-tool. It adds shortcuts for basic tasks, macros, functions, and more to your desktop through the use of programmable buttons, pages, dials, and comes with a touchscreen.

It’s pre-programmed to work with a bunch of popular creative and everyday apps, such as Adobe Photoshop and Google Chrome, but if you want you can load up any app and set up your own profile for it.

Do you want a handful of common tools at your fingertips? You got them. How about shortcuts to mute your colleagues in Zoom? It’s all in there. And the greatest thing is it is reactive to what’s happening on your PC. You don’t need to dive in and pick Adobe Photoshop from the menu when you’re using the app. As soon as you make that your primary focus in Windows the Loupedeck automatically switches to shortcuts.

It’s also excellent for streaming, which is apparently what many PC gamers will want to get out of it. It’s like an Elgato Stream Deck, except there’s a whole lot of depth to it. That’s both a blessing and a curse, as it means the Elgato is relatively easy to set up, while the Loupedeck may take some time to live in with your workflow or streaming habits.

There have been great efforts made to streamline the app and the experience out-of-the-box, which includes an update to the desktop app to make it simpler, if you so wish. It also works with OBS Studio and Streamlabs.

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