The Best Easter Eggs In GTA 5 And How To Find Them

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Developer Rockstar Games has a rich and storied history when it comes to incorporating easter eggs and hidden gems into the expansive world of Grand Theft Auto. From the inception of the franchise, the creative minds behind Rockstar have delighted fans with a plethora of cleverly placed secrets waiting to be discovered. These easter eggs often pay homage to various elements of popular culture or other Rockstar Games titles, adding an extra layer of excitement for players.

When it comes to GTA 5, the sheer number of easter eggs scattered throughout the sprawling city of Los Santos is nothing short of staggering. The developers spared no expense in crafting a meticulously detailed environment, brimming with hidden surprises tucked away in every nook and cranny of the map. From nods to Rockstar’s previous masterpieces, such as the beloved Red Dead Redemption, to secrets that unlock captivating side quests, players can easily lose themselves for countless hours in the pursuit of these elusive treasures.

In total, GTA V boasts over 50 easter eggs of varying sizes, ensuring that there is something to pique the interest of every intrepid explorer. Naturally, not all of these hidden gems carry monumental significance or offer earth-shattering revelations. Some easter eggs may simply involve observing a particular object or landmark on the map, while others hold far greater importance, promising gratifying rewards upon their discovery.

This guide aims to highlight the most remarkable easter eggs thoughtfully placed by Rockstar Games within the vast expanse of Los Santos while providing guidance on how to locate them. While it doesn’t cover every single easter egg present in GTA V, if you desire an exhaustive catalog of these secrets, you can always visit the GTA V Wiki, where the passionate community has meticulously documented the myriad secrets unearthed over the nine years since the game’s release. For now, let’s delve into the crème de la crème of easter eggs, awaiting intrepid players in the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos.


GTA V enthusiasts are no strangers to another legendary easter egg—the elusive Bigfoot. This mythical creature first made its appearance in the GTA series within San Andreas, captivating players with its mystique. Continuing the tradition in Los Santos, players have the opportunity to catch glimpses of Bigfoot throughout the story mode.

“The Last One” mission places players in the shoes of Franklin, tasking them with tracking down the elusive “Sasquatch” deep within the forests. However, the thrill of the chase ultimately reveals that this creature is merely a human in an elaborate costume, masquerading as the legendary Bigfoot to incite fear and intrigue. To witness the “true” version of Bigfoot, players must progress to the mission aptly named “Predator.”

Assuming the role of Michael in “Predator,” players find themselves armed with a thermal sniper rifle, preparing to eliminate the nefarious O’Neil brothers. As their gaze scans the wilderness through the scope of their weapon, a peculiar heat signature catches their attention—a body nestled within the lower right region of the area. Astonishingly, this heat signature represents none other than Bigfoot himself, lurking in the undergrowth. Swift action is required to align the crosshairs and capture the legendary creature in their sights before its thermal presence dissipates into the surrounding wilderness.

The discovery of Bigfoot within the expansive world of GTA V offers players a thrilling and immersive experience, rewarding their curiosity with a rare encounter. These easter eggs serve as testaments to the developers’ commitment to intricately weaving hidden wonders into the fabric of the game, ensuring that each playthrough holds the potential for surprises and excitement.

So, whether players find themselves drawn to the frozen depths of the river to gaze upon the enigmatic Frozen Alien or embarking on a pursuit through the woods in search of the legendary Bigfoot, these easter eggs showcase the rich tapestry of secrets that lie beneath the surface of GTA V, inviting gamers to uncover the extraordinary within the ordinary.

The Frozen Alien

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Within the expansive virtual world of Grand Theft Auto V, players can discover a trilogy of captivating Easter eggs paying homage to the beloved film series, Back to the Future. These cleverly placed references add an extra layer of excitement for fans of the iconic time-traveling adventures. Let’s delve into each of these delightful discoveries.

The first Easter egg resides in the virtual realm’s rendition of Los Santos, where players can stumble upon the Hill Valley Church. This location serves as a delightful nod to the fictional town that protagonist Marty McFly calls home in the Back to the Future films. Situated adjacent to the Vinewood Cemetery, the Hill Valley Church embodies the essence of Marty’s memorable hometown.

Continuing our journey through the intricacies of GTA V, the second Easter egg lies subtly but ubiquitously on electrical boxes scattered throughout the game world. These unassuming boxes bear a distinctive orange sticker positioned on the top right corner, bearing the enigmatic inscription of “1.21 GW.” This cleverly crafted reference directly alludes to the monumental amount of power required to propel the Time Machine, a critical element of Back to the Future’s narrative.

Lastly, players exploring the current-generation versions of GTA V may come across a captivating sticker adorning the interior of Lester’s house. This sticker proudly displays the phrase “88 mph Time Travel.” For fans well-versed in the lore of Back to the Future, this reference strikes a chord, symbolizing the precise speed at which the Time Machine must reach to successfully traverse through the realms of time.

Bond's Aston Martin

Bond’s Aston Martin

In the sprawling landscape of GTA V’s intricately designed world, an irresistible nod to the legendary secret agent James Bond awaits intrepid players. Upon conquering the mission titled “Deep Inside,” a newfound ability is unlocked, enabling players to purchase a remarkable vehicle from the esteemed Legendary Motorsport website. This extraordinary automobile, aptly named the JB 700, captivates the imagination with its striking resemblance to James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin.

The JB 700 captures the essence of Bond’s legendary vehicle, exuding sophistication and style, while paying homage to the timeless charm of the secret agent’s automotive companion. Albeit one notable distinction sets the JB 700 apart: it does not come equipped with any onboard weaponry. Nevertheless, this meticulously crafted homage ensures that players can immerse themselves in the thrilling spirit of James Bond’s adventures as they cruise through the virtual streets of Los Santos.

These meticulously placed Easter eggs and nods to renowned movies such as Back to the Future and James Bond‘s iconic Aston Martin serve as delightful surprises for players exploring the vast world of GTA V. They embody the developers’ meticulous attention to detail and their desire to create an immersive experience that resonates with fans of these beloved franchises.

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

Let’s delve into some lesser-known easter eggs found in the vast world of GTA V. One such hidden gem is a reference to the 2007 film, “No Country for Old Men.” As the game was being developed, Rockstar Games evidently held a deep appreciation for this cinematic masterpiece. This appreciation led them to incorporate the film’s gripping opening scene into the virtual realm of GTA V. If you embark on a journey to the scenic Mount Chiliad State Wilderness, a serendipitous discovery awaits you. A discreet dirt road emerges, beckoning you to follow its path, ultimately leading to a tranquil clearing adorned with four vehicles. Eerily reminiscent of the movie, lifeless bodies surround these cars, painting a haunting picture. Moreover, nestled at the bottom of the hill beyond the vehicles, a tantalizing briefcase awaits your attention. Behold, within its confines lies a substantial sum of $25,000, an exact replication of the pivotal item from the film. This meticulously crafted easter egg pays homage to “No Country for Old Men,” inviting players to engage with the narrative threads that intertwine the worlds of cinema and gaming.

John Marston's Red Dead

John Marston’s Red Dead

In a surprising twist, it appears that John Marston, the iconic protagonist of “Red Dead Redemption,” managed to evade his seemingly fated demise. He defied mortality and embraced a prolonged life, ultimately penning a book aptly titled “Red Dead.” A subtle homage to the critically acclaimed western video game can be observed within the opulent walls of Franklin’s Vinewood mansion. Among the countless artifacts adorning the bookshelf, an observant eye will undoubtedly spot this intriguing reference. Although a modest easter egg, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of John Marston and the beloved Red Dead Redemption franchise. It serves as a playful nod to the intertwined narrative realms of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption, delighting fans of both immersive experiences.

Los Santos Whales

Los Santos Whales

The Los Santos Whales Easter egg is an intriguing discovery within the vast open world of Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike many other Easter eggs that reference specific pop culture elements or events, this particular Easter egg offers a unique experience for players who possess an adventurous spirit and a keen eye for exploration.

Located in two distinct underwater locations, players can embark on a deep-sea diving expedition and be rewarded with the awe-inspiring sight of two colossal whale skeletons resting peacefully on the ocean floor. These underwater marvels serve as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that Rockstar Games has poured into the game’s immersive environment.

To encounter the first whale skeleton, intrepid explorers must venture off the coast of Banham Canyon. Delving into the depths of the ocean using either the Submersible or by engaging in a thrilling scuba diving excursion, players will be greeted by the breathtaking sight of a massive whale carcass gently resting amidst the marine expanse.

The second whale skeleton awaits discovery near the Seashark Race, situated on the enchanting eastern coast of the game’s expansive map. Again, players must muster their curiosity and embark on a subaquatic journey, witnessing the grandeur of yet another intricate and lifeless cetacean wonder.

This Easter egg serves as a testament to the developers’ desire to reward those who embrace the spirit of exploration, going beyond the boundaries of the main storyline and delving into the hidden corners of the game’s world. By bestowing these awe-inspiring sights upon those intrepid enough to uncover them, Rockstar Games encourages players to immerse themselves fully in the intricate tapestry of Los Santos and its surrounding waters.

As players descend into the depths of the ocean and bear witness to these majestic remnants of marine life, they can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and appreciation for the level of detail and craftsmanship that has gone into creating the game’s expansive world. The Los Santos Whales Easter egg stands as a testament to the sheer scale and depth of the immersive experience that Grand Theft Auto V offers.

The Senora Serial Killer: A Disturbing Easter Egg

The Senora Serial Killer: A Disturbing Easter Egg

Prepare yourself for another spine-chilling discovery within the vast realm of GTA V’s hidden secrets. This time, we delve into the unsettling depths of a serial killer’s influence. Drawing inspiration from infamous real-life murderers such as the Zodiac Killer, Rockstar Games crafted a bone-chilling poem etched onto a rock in the heart of Senora National Park. This eerie find awaits those who venture to the park’s welcome sign in Sandy Shores, urging them to turn around and face a daunting sight—a rock bearing the following ominous words:

“One is Done,

Two was Fun,

Three tried to Run,

Four called Mom,

Five’s not Alive,

Six is Nix,

Seven’s in Heaven,

8 won’t Wait.”

As if this unsettling discovery wasn’t enough, Rockstar Games intensified the atmosphere surrounding the easter egg by adding an eerie song that resonates through the air as you approach the rock. The haunting melody is performed by children, their innocent voices lending an eerie contrast to the overall suspense of the revelation.

The Playboy Mansion: A Luxurious Tribute

The Playboy Mansion: A Luxurious Tribute

Continuing our journey through the enigmatic secrets of GTA V, we stumble upon a homage to one of the most iconic residences in history—the Playboy Mansion. Since the game’s setting of Los Santos bears striking resemblance to its real-life counterpart, Los Angeles, it comes as no surprise that Rockstar Games meticulously recreated a replica of the famed Playboy Mansion within the opulent district of Richman.

Behold a grand mansion adorned with vibrant pink lights, boasting an extravagant wrap-around driveway, meticulously manicured landscapes, and a lively poolside gathering that carries on into the depths of the night. Venture to this enticing estate after sunset, and you’ll find yourself amidst a world of naked revelry, flowing alcohol, and an endless night of unbridled debauchery. If ever there were a true representation of the infamous Playboy Mansion, this decadent enclave undoubtedly captures its essence.

Embark on these hidden journeys, but do so with caution. The secrets that lie within the world of GTA V are as captivating as they are unnerving, weaving a tapestry of darkness and allure for those brave enough to unveil them.

Master Chief's Glory Days

Master Chief’s Glory Days

While traversing the bustling streets of Los Santos, players may stumble upon an unexpected encounter that pays homage to a beloved gaming icon. Along the renowned Walk of Fame, where stars celebrate the achievements of Hollywood’s brightest, a peculiar sight awaits: two individuals donning vibrant green robot armor, complete with transparent helmets. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that these curious characters are none other than amusing caricatures of Master Chief, the iconic protagonist from the Halo franchise.

Rockstar Games, known for their playful and often irreverent nods to popular culture, have injected their unique twist into the portrayal of Master Chief’s look-alikes. Displaying their distinctive sense of humor, the developers have exaggerated certain aspects of the legendary super-soldier’s appearance, imbuing the characters with a touch of whimsy. These larger-than-life Master Chief doppelgangers sport a slightly bulkier physique, deviating from the traditional image of the lean and formidable warrior that fans of the Halo series are accustomed to.

Encountering these comical representations along the Walk of Fame adds a delightful touch of unexpected amusement to the already diverse and vibrant world of Los Santos. It serves as a playful reminder of Rockstar Games’ ability to infuse their creations with clever and lighthearted references, inviting players to appreciate the game’s rich tapestry of cultural influences.

As players wander the streets, absorbing the bustling atmosphere and embarking on their own virtual adventures, stumbling upon the jovial presence of these Master Chief imitators is a testament to the developers’ attention to detail and their commitment to creating a world that celebrates both popular culture and originality.

The Ghost of Mount Gordo

The Ghost of Mount Gordo

The Ghost of Mount Gordo is undoubtedly one of the eeriest Easter eggs ever incorporated by Rockstar Games into GTA V. Venturing to the summit of Mount Gordo during the late hours from 11:00 to 12:00, you will bear witness to a spine-chilling spectacle. A spectral figure clothed in white materializes before your eyes, hovering above a chilling bloodstained message. The message itself cryptically reads “Jock,” alluding to the enigmatic character Jock Cranley, who featured in previous GTA installments. This ghostly apparition is none other than Jock’s deceased wife, a haunting presence that should be approached with caution, for venturing too close to the specter may prove to be ill-advised.

Submerged UFO

Submerged UFO

Among the many well-known Easter eggs in GTA V lies the submerged UFO, an intriguing secret that lies beneath the waves. Presumably, this extraterrestrial vessel served as the means of transportation for the enigmatic Frozen Alien, who found their way to the bustling metropolis of Los Santos. To witness this awe-inspiring sight, one must plunge into the depths either by utilizing the Submersible vehicle or donning scuba gear. Venture towards the far reaches of the map’s northern expanse, where the vast ocean awaits, and there you shall discover the resting place of the submerged UFO. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure by reaching the northernmost tip of the map, descending into the depths with the Submersible, and embarking on a captivating dive to uncover the mysteries that lie beneath the sea’s surface.

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