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If you’re looking for online games that will keep you entertained and let you spend your free time during this hot summer, you should try Gamepix games right away.

Although the site is “young” and launched in January of this year, the company is already working in the B2B market since 2013 and has partnerships with several companies that offer digital content to their customers, including games.

Gamepix stands out from the main competitors because it not only offers itself as a hub for playing the best video games online, but also because, if video games are not yet available on the site, it advises the user which is the best site to play them on.

There are also no games in Flash, a technology that is no longer supported by the main browsers and this is a great motivation to save this site among your favorites. It will be more and more updated and you will also find a lot of exclusive games like the best io games.

One of them we tried is the brand new Zombs Royale. You can play solo, duo or squad. In the Solo mode you play by yourself against 99 other solo players, a fight to the death. In the second mode you can play with a friend, or auto match with a stranger mate. The Squad mode is composed by a squad of four players to prove you’re the best team ever or get auto matched if you don’t have other three players with you.

In this game you land by parachute into a land full of enemies and the fight is immediately alive. Victory is all about courage and speed. Prepare to descend into a violent melee to find weapons, win air aid and dodge enemy bullets. Surviving is a tough thing to do, but we’re sure that by training every day you’ll reach a great level! The reviews all say it’s a game not to be missed, where the map changes every season and there are always new features to discover.

The game is from the creators of Spinz and it is one of the most adrenaline-filled battle royale games. Join the over 30 millions of players who have already tried this amazing game and don’t miss a single mission with your squad!


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