The Best Game for 2019 Came Out of Nowhere

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Apex Legends

Without any trailers, hype and marketing build Apex Legends launched on February 4 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It costs no money to download and play. The most important thing is that it’s really good!

Here are a few reasons why…

First of all the way the game was launched. Nearly no leaks, no warnings. Super rare nowadays, especially from the massive game publishers like Electronic Arts. The fact that the game also turned out to be a free-to-play shooter from the talented guys behind “Call of Duty” and “Titanfall” is even more of a surprise.

Instead of hyping around, EA worked with a large group of influencers who had a chance to play the game one week before launch. When “Apex” was announced on February 4, a cluster of influencers also flooded the web with their own #ApexPartner-labeled content. More about TOP-30 games of 2019 see here.

When playing “Apex Legends” you don’t get the “Fortnite” or “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” feeling — it plays a sort of like “Call of Duty,” but kind of upgraded “Call of Duty.” Apex Legends feels most like a “Titanfall” game: a tight shooter with a focus on mobility.

Apex Legends takes the Battle Royale concept from Fortnite and PUBG and applies it to a Hero-based game, like Overwatch. Each of the game’s eight “legends” has their own special skills, which more or less correspond to standard classes. And here is another twist: Apex Legends is focused solely on three-person squads. There is no way to play Apex Legends as a single player. There is no “duos” mode, either.

The only way to play the game is in squads of three players, with 60 total players filling 20 squads. Given this, Apex Legends is very specifically made with communication in mind. Your squad is much, much more likely to win if you’re talking to each other. Not to worry: That doesn’t mean you have to actually speak to strangers. A brilliant, robust system exists in-game for “spotting” various things. See an enemy? Tap the right bumper on your gamepad, and your character will call out those enemies and even mark their last movement for your teammates.

It’s all of these little details that add up to make Apex feel entirely new in the Battle Royale genre — despite the fact that it is, on paper, very similar to other Battle Royale games.

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