The Best Gear Setup For Competitive FPS Players

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Becoming a professional gamer may look easy, but that’s far from the truth. Not only do you need to develop the kind of skills most gamers can only dream of, but you’ll need to sacrifice a large chunk of your free time to get better. One thing many gamers don’t realize is that their tech setup also needs to be excellent in order to become professional players. Many teams will provide equipment for players, but having a personal setup is highly advantageous.

If you’re wondering why all of this is worth the effort, consider the following. There’s a very good chance the value of the esports industry will increase to $1.8 billion by 2021. If we combine this with money and reputation earned on platforms like CS:GO betting sites, we’re looking at a potentially very lucrative career. If you’ve got the skills, you should absolutely pursue a professional career in esports, but you’ll need the gear to do it. Here’s the best gear setup for competitive FPS players, step by step.

Xbox Series X


Naturally, a strong competitive FPS player will be playing on PC. While playing at competition standard on the console is not unheard of, the vast majority of esports events are PC-oriented. For a good gaming PC, you want to aim for CPU clock speeds of around 3.5GHz to 4GHz. Don’t be fooled by core count; it’s not how many cores you have, but what you do with them. Generally, if you shop around sites like Overclockers or Chillblast, you’ll find good options for your CPU embedded into premade PCs.

Radeon RX Vega

Graphics card

As a pro gamer, your graphics card will be the cornerstone of your entire setup. That said, depending on what resolution you intend to use, it’s not actually that important to get a super-powerful card. If you’re looking to play all of your games in 4K, then a high-end card is crucial, but most mid-range cards like the excellent GeForce GTX 1060 can comfortably handle esports games at 1080p and 60fps. Games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive really don’t need high-end cards.



Whether or not you’re actually looking to compete in professional esports, RAM is very, very important for a good gaming PC. 8GB is a comfortable amount to aim for, but if you want breathing room, you should opt for 16GB of RAM or more. 8GB will squeeze you through most games, but 16GB+ will be comfortable for running most modern titles plus multitasking with capture software or browsers. Don’t go for anything less than 8, though, because Windows is a demanding operating system.



Your gaming PC is going to be running pretty darn hot. Consider investing in a good, solid-liquid cooling system. While fans are adequate for cooling your PC, if you’re overclocking your processor or your graphics card then you will need extra cooling power to compensate for the extra heat generated. If your budget really, really can’t accommodate cooling, then you might want to consider saving up until you can, because this part of the PC is vital.

gaming monitor


We really don’t think that 4K monitors are necessary for the vast majority of gamers just yet. While the picture will be beautifully fluid and silky at 4K, you’re likely to be sitting too close to your monitor – and the monitor is likely to be a little too small – to get the full effect. Similarly, if you bought a mid-range or low-end card for your PC, it probably won’t be able to kick out 4K anyway. You can comfortably opt for 1440p or even 1080p monitors and still enjoy the benefits of PC gaming.

Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard


Many gamers end up opting for mechanical keyboards. While they definitely offer increased tactility and feedback over their membrane brethren, you may not find that you desperately need a mechanical keyboard. As a professional esports player, the most important thing about your play is your reflexes. You should choose a keyboard that feels comfortable with your hands and keeps you relaxed throughout your play sessions. Even a great mechanical keyboard may not feel right for you.



It’s important to opt for a mouse with extra options beyond the simple left, right, and middle mouse buttons. This is because you can map macros and other functions to these buttons, allowing you to reach them more easily during a frantic game. If you play with a simple mouse that has no extra buttons, you will of course still be able to play, but others will have a competitive edge over you because they’ll have more convenient ways to reach important commands at their disposal.

Chair and desk 

Chair and desk 

These two parts of your gaming setup are frequently neglected, but they shouldn’t be. Having correct posture while your game is of paramount importance; if you don’t have good posture, you could be doing permanent damage to your back or other areas that aren’t being adequately supported. You should make sure your chair has adequate support and is comfortable. Your desk is also crucial; it needs to accommodate your monitors at head height and have room for all of your peripherals, as well as enough airflow to ensure your tower is properly cooled.

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