The Best i7 Laptops for Every Gamer

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Gamers are now leaning towards gaming laptops as they can be as powerful as your regular desktop computer and can be taken anywhere.

To date, one of the best processors is the Intel i7. This processor can handle graphics-intensive games along with other applications without experiencing any hiccups. But, as you already know, there are so many gaming laptops to choose from that it can be overwhelming, so we’ve come up with a list of the best i7 laptops on the market for you.

  1. Razer Blade

Out of all the items in the list, this is the most regular-looking laptop that’s designed towards the gaming community. It looks sleek and can double as a work computer, perfect for any workaholic gamers. This laptop is configured with a GTX 1070 and a 512GB SSD.

  • Design – It has an all-black unibody aluminum design. The manufacturer claims that it is the world’s lightest 15.6″ gaming laptop. Significant efforts have been made to give it a slimmer profile. It is also equipped with a very responsive backlit island-style RGB keyboard.
  • Display – The display boasts a matte panel that deflects light perfectly. It has an FHD display with 144 Hz refresh rates, which renders a smooth gaming experience. The thin screen bezel and the webcam sit perfectly on top.
  • Drawbacks – While it’s lighter than the usual gaming laptops, most gamers complain that it actually gets too hot under pressure – even the top row keyboard the palm rest becomes intolerably hot. Additionally, battery life isn’t just as good as you would expect from something within this price range.

  1. MSI GS65 Stealth Thin

Just from the name itself, it is one of the thinnest gaming laptops that is available on the market today. Its thickness can be compared to the latest 15″ MacBook Pro. It comes preconfigured with the Intel i7 “Coffee Lake” processor and 16 GB Ram, and the graphics card is GTX 1070 with Max-Q GPU along with 8 GB of VRAM. This laptop is perfect for gamers who can’t afford the Razer Blade but still want a professional-looking laptop.

  • Design – The whole body is adorned with tiny gold accents that add to its overall sophisticated look. While the look is more reminiscent of a work laptop, it still looks great because of its matte-black aluminum-alloy body.
  • Display – The laptop’s display has a bendable hinge that enables it to lay flat. It has a screen resolution of 1080p. The screen size is 15.6″ and has thin bezels for a more premium look. Thanks to its 144 Hz refresh rate, you don’t have to worry about screen stuttering and tears.
  • Drawback – Most gamers don’t like that it looks too “plain” and boring. The build quality is also questionable for this model as the flex, touchpad, and the lid feel like they’re going to break easily.

  1. ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501

The SUS ROG Zephyrus GX501 is often dubbed as the best value-for-money gaming laptop because of its powerful hardware and innovative design. This laptop is the epitome of futuristic gaming and perfect for people who want to look the part. Out of the box, it is pre-equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, a powerful 16 GB DDR4 RAM, and a whopping 512 GB SSD. At only 2.2 kg, this is one of the lightest gaming laptops on the market that carry a powerful graphics card.

  • Design – The manufacturer had to come up with innovative ideas to compensate for the massive graphics card and to avoid overheating. The panel where the fan is located drops down to create a small gap for better airflow. The whole chassis is made of metal to go along with the futuristic feel.
  • Display – The screen has thicker bezels than the other units in this list, but it still packs a powerful punch with a refresh rate of 120 Hz paired with Nvidia G-sync for better performance. It also has an antiglare screen with a wide-angle panel.
  • Drawback – One major drawback of this laptop is its lackluster battery life. This means that mobile gaming isn’t going to be as convenient as you want with this laptop. Furthermore, the keyboard ergonomics are terrible as it requires you to use an external wrist pad.

  1. Acer Aspire E 15

This is one of the most affordable Intel i7-equipped laptops that you can buy for gaming. It’s perfect for people looking for budget gaming laptops. The unit comes with 16 GB DDR3 RAM and a massive 1 TB SATA hard drive.

  • Design – The overall design may look outdated for most gamers as it is entirely made of plastic. But, due to its subtle crosshatch pattern on the lid and matte texture, the laptop looks premium when viewed from afar.
  • Display – The screen size is 15.6″ equipped with a 1080p resolution. The graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 940M equipped with 4 GB DDR3 VRAM, which is powerful enough to play modern games at low to medium settings.
  • Drawback – Color reproduction and viewing angles aren’t that good. But, for a laptop in this price category, the Aspire’s display is worth noticing. The speakers are weak, and the keyboard has no RGB backlight.


The gaming laptop scene has come a long way – from bulky and weird-looking to lighter, sleeker, and lighter laptop bodies. It’s no doubt that the gaming scene is becoming more significant as manufacturers are trying to create more innovative designs to address different segments of the market.


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