The Best League of Legends Guide Online

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League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular games and currently the most prominent esports. A standard league game requires ten players who are split into two teams of five and battle it out on a map called Summoner’s Rift. As a player, you will control a character called a champion. Whether you are already a pro or a new League of Legends player, there are some things you can still learn to play more competitively. This is why we have several League of Legends guide you an insight into how to play the game and how to increase your lol MMR.

Here are the best League of Legends guides online.

  • New Player Guide. You will find the New Player Guide on League of Legends official website. What better way to start a game than learn from the site owners? The New Player Guide provides you with the game’s basics, which are enough to get you started. The guide will teach you how to play the game, and you can then work your way up as you gain more experience. The guide also has a section about tutorials and bot games, which are excellent ways to get a taste of League of Legends. You will also find an area about custom games. Here, you will find ways you can get better at the game and improve your gaming skills. 

  • Mobafire’s New Player Guide. If you are a new player and want to learn the basics before playing the game, Mobafire provides the perfect guide. You can also use the guide if you are an experienced player looking for a more detailed explanation of some in-game mechanics. This guide covers most of the crucial aspects of League of Legends, from descriptions of the game’s environment to the interface and commands. 

  • Reddit. If you wish to learn ways you can increase your CS, Reddit has got you covered. Sometimes, you may have trouble killing minions or getting better at farming. This guide shows you how the OP does minion math for you and proves that your CS can alter the game’s flow. The guide also gives you tips for improving your farming skills since you require long hours of practice. This guide suggests different ways you can practice to stimulate real in-game situations. 

  • LoL Boards’ Ward Placements. When playing League of Legends, you must have map control to secure your team’s success. Map control allows you to place your team’s wards in the right places. Beginners can use this guide to learn the nuances of ward placement. You can learn the basic strategies on where to place the wards and how counter-warding works. This guide will also teach you how to expand your team’s map control. 

Once you have gone through some of these guides, you will improve your playing skills. The beauty of playing League of Legends is that there is always a way to better yourself. You may find it challenging at first, but these guides will help you gain experience.  

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