The Best League of Legends Heroes for Beginners

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The massive roster of characters and the universally beloved depth of gameplay make League of Legends the special experience it is, racking up untold numbers of players and viewers every day. Just where should you get started with the many LoL heroes? Hang in there: we’ve put together a handy primer for you.


What are League of Legends champions?

The playable characters in League of Legends are known as champions, offering different skills, stats and abilities, which create a unique gameplay experience. The 100+ champions available in the game all excel in different roles and bring something different to the table. This exciting interplay is a huge part of why League of Legends betting and the game’s esports scene as a whole is so huge, and this also serves as such a key underpinning of LoL’s overall success and popularity.


Garen: the basic Paladin fantasy

No other League of Legends character is rooted more in traditional well-known fantasy tropes than Garen, the knight in shining armor with a huge sword and some healing abilities. He plays exactly how you would expect him to at first glance, with little added fuss involved? Stand your ground, hold your lane and dish out devastating damage with Decisive Strike, which does exactly what the name would suggest.


Trundle: trolling your way to victory

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if your attacks just took care of themselves? That is exactly the experience that Trundle, the Troll King offers to new League of Legends players thanks to his unique toolkit which makes one-on-one engagements incredibly straightforward to manage even for those with little previous experience in the game: slowing down your opponent then hacking away at them with your auto-attack ability is as easy as it gets, and the appropriately trollish ability to copy an enemy’s status can make all the difference in a narrow battle.


Nasus: stayin’ alive

Also known as The Curator of the Sands, Nasus’ passive lifesteal ability serves as a straightforward way to keep yourself alive in a fight without having to think about fancy keystrokes and all that kind of jazz. Best of all, a juiced-up Siphoning Strike can turn you into a real hard carry should the game go long enough, allowing for some really satisfying finishes to your matches. This ability also serves as a great introduction to the concept of effective last-hitting, which is really important in League of Legends for newcomers and veterans alike.


Master Yi: when you’re looking for a fight

Though perhaps his inclusion on a list like this may be seen as contentious by some veteran LoL players, the ease with which Master Yi can gank an unsuspecting opponent makes him a worthwhile inclusion in our eyes. High damage output combined with high movement speed is a pretty appealing combination under any circumstance, and his auto-attack buffs coupled with Alpha Strike make him an excellent choice to chase after enemy champions and make mincemeat of them in lightning-quick fashion.


Janna: the jack-of-all-trades support character

Playing the support role may not seem like the most appealing of options for those just getting started with League of Legends, but it actually offers a great pathway to figuring out the basics of the title from strong item builds to timings and roles and lanes, and it is, therefore, a no-brainer to include a user-friendly support champion on this list and an incredibly versatile one at that.

Looking at Janna’s toolkit, it should be of no surprise that she fits the bill perfectly for this one. The knockup on Howling Gale, the slowdown on Zephyr, the buffs from Eye of the Storm, the knockdown from Monsoon and her natural speed makes for an incredible package, with stun being the one exception. Though making mistakes can be quite punishing, you will never feel useless or out of place with Janna, making her one of the best possible introductory support heroes in League of Legends.

The League of Legends rabbit hole goes way, way deeper than this, but if analysis paralysis and the insane number of choices available have held you back from giving the game a shot, then this short list and the champions involved should be the perfect shortcut you need to try some newbie-friendly characters in the popular MOBA.


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