The Best Mobile Games To Sharpen Your Mind

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We all need our brain training every now and again. That little game or moment to blow away the cobwebs and get your mind ticking over once again.

For many that might be heading out for a run or hitting the gym. For others it’s enjoying a few puzzles or playing strategy games.

There are dozens of ways to rejuvenate your train of thought, many of which you can even do on your mobile on your commute to work!

The number of apps now downloadable that can help your brain is incredible. Below you’ll find some of our favourite apps ideal for sharpening your mind in the morning…


Perhaps one of the most familiar apps to help train your brain is Lumosity.

The app has been around for a number of years now and is regularly voted as the number one brain training app.

You’ll play just three games a day which can be enjoyed in just a couple of minutes, but the science behind it helps your brain focus, perfect for getting the day started.


Most people may associate poker with something one might play in an evening however, it’s a great game to get your brain thinking first thing in the morning too.

It’ll get you thinking about game management, risk assessment and quick thinking which you can then carry through to your day at work.

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It’s a classic and a game we all know and love. We also know it can get incredibly tense and exciting.

Just what an app Tetris is. It’s free to download and is a nice quick game for a train or bus ride into work.

It’s a game that requires quick thinking and problem solving as well as that ability to work under pressure, just like poker.

It has a great reputation as an app and has a range of different modes, including Marathon Mode, a feature which is simply endless.


Elevate is another great app designed to train your brain and contains a huge number of games to play.

Since launching in 2014 it’s been lauded by a number of major TV stations and has now been downloaded by over 15 million people.

You can be flexible in your training to help suit your own mood as well as tracking your own progress to analyze just how trained your brain has become.


Cognifit is certainly one of the priciest apps out there built to help your mind, but it’s also one of the best.

If you want to seriously improve your brain, rather than simply allow it to loosen up every morning then it’s well worth looking into.

You can go into detail on all your cognitive skills, finding out where you need to improve them and where you’re already sharp. This is done through a series of challenges and games, all thoroughly entertaining as well as educational.


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