The Best Online Casino Games To Play In Ireland

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Right now, the legal status of casinos in Ireland is not advantageous to gamblers. If you want to travel to a physical casino to gamble in Ireland – we’re talking about the Republic of Ireland here, of course, rather than the UK’s Northern Ireland – then you’ll likely be out of luck. Physical casino gambling has been outlawed in the country since 1956. There are ways to gamble – if you’re a member of certain private clubs, then a loophole in the law means you can gamble there – but for the most part, physical gambling is outlawed in Ireland. Happily, that doesn’t apply at all to online casino gaming.

That’s right – if you want to play the best online casinos for real money in Ireland, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from doing so. Within the last ten years, online gambling in Ireland – including sports betting and horse racing – has been completely legalized. The online casino versions of games are practically identical to the physical versions, so you’re losing absolutely nothing in translation when you’re playing them. For all intents and purposes, online casino gambling has replaced physical casino gambling in Ireland as the de facto mode of betting. With all that said, what are the best online casino games to play in Ireland? Where should you start? We’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite online casino games.



It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with poker. This card game is such an old stalwart of the casino that you probably already know all of the rules without even realizing it. If you can, we’d recommend going for an online version of poker which has a live dealer, because that more successfully replicates the experience of playing poker in real life. Without live dealers and other human players, poker simply becomes a game of strategy, but the online layer actually makes poker more interesting because you can’t observe other players’ poker faces.



A classic casino game that’s perfect for beginners, you’ll find slots in literally every single online casino worth it’s salt. There’s pretty much no chance you won’t be able to play at least some variation on slots when you’re checking out your favorite online casino, so just pick the one you like best. Though the rules are simple – match symbols to win prizes, with certain symbols granting better prizes than others – each slot machine does pay out different bonuses, so be sure to learn the prizes you can win and how to win them before you play (and while you play).



Blackjack is another great casino game for Irish beginners to get stuck into. The rules are very simple indeed: if you have cards which equate to a value of 21, then you win, unless the dealer or another player also has those cards. Your aim is to reach 21 points. Face cards – that is to say, jack, king, and queen cards – are worth 10 points each. An ace can either be worth 11 or 1 depending on what you want it to be. The numbers are self-explanatory. That’s all there is to it, but somehow blackjack continues to be addictive and enjoyable even for the most seasoned casino pro.



Again, it certainly isn’t hard to learn to play roulette, but doing so will pay dividends. This is a game that hides a surprisingly deep level of strategy; although roulette is, for the most part, based on chance, you’d be amazed just how much you can develop a strategy and use it to consistently win. Depending on the situation you’re in, there are bets that make more sense and bets that make less sense, so it’s not so much about actually playing roulette on a moment-to-moment basis as it is learning good judgment and decision-making skills.


Sic Bo

Many Western gamblers haven’t heard of Sic Bo or don’t know how to play it. That’s understandable; this game derives from an ancient Chinese pastime. Interesting fact: it’s actually pronounced “see bo”, and the phrase means “dice pair”, which is odd because Sic Bo is played with three dice. The rules are simple: the dealer throws three dice into a cage and the players must bet on the outcome of the dice. You can either bet on the total sum, individual numbers, or specific combinations, and you’ll get different payouts based on which of those you opt for. It’s great fun and very fast to boot.



Another dark horse of the online casino gambling world, baccarat is a game that was once enjoyed almost exclusively by royalty but that can now be played and enjoyed by anyone. Your aim is to get a hand that’s as close to 9 as possible – in this regard, it’s very similar to blackjack, but the cards have different values, so make sure you don’t confuse them when you play baccarat! This is a very dramatic game that is easy to learn but has lots of great flourishes and shock moments, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for something showy and aesthetically pleasing for your casino session.

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