The Best Puzzle Games to Play on Nintendo Switch

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Are you looking for a way to challenge your gaming skills and enjoy downtime? Whether on a lazy weekend or an evening after work, puzzle games are a fantastic way to pass the time and flex those brain muscles. And if you have a Nintendo Switch, then you’re in luck!

So many great puzzle games are available for the console that will test your problem-solving ability, put your spatial reasoning to the test, and even help improve your logical thinking. So grab yourself a Nintendo Switch gamepad – we’re here to give you some of our favorite recommendations from around the indie scene and more established titles.

Get ready; it may be tricky, but it will be fun!

Top Puzzle Games You Should Grab for Your Nintendo Switch

It is one of the best consoles released by Nintendo because it allows you to bring high-quality gaming anywhere. You can play hundreds of games from different developers, allowing more titles to be discovered. So if you’re searching for quality puzzle games, below are some of the best you must dive into!

The Minesweeper: Crew Bomber Expedition

Based on the iconic Microsoft Windows game, The Minesweeper: Crew Bomber Expedition is Nintendo’s take on the classic title. Developed and published by Cooking & Publishing, the goal is to find all the bombs in each level while avoiding traps. It’s an offline game, but you can also play Minesweeper online through browser-based platforms if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch.

Most games have three difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, and expert). But custom options are available for players who want to test their minesweeping skills.

The game rules:

  • Open the tiles without triggering the mines
  • Tiles with numbers mean the number of mines adjacent to that tile
  • Familiarize yourself with the process of elimination
  • Use flags to remind you where mines are possibly hiding

The popularity of this classic puzzler meant numerous versions were designed and developed to test the wits of players. For instance, play Minesweeper online through smartphone apps for more modern elements and features if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch.

Picross S7

If you’re a big fan of Nonograms and know how to solve them, you’ll enjoy Picross S7. Developed and published by Jupiter, you’ll have to be incredibly bad at logic puzzles not to enjoy your time with this game. With hundreds of different picture designs, you can use simple rules to uncover hidden images and receive rewards after.

Like its predecessors and successors, the game revolves around understanding the numbers and filling out the squares with color to reveal an image. The numbers are located on the top and the left side of the grid. These numbers will tell you the run of the squares and how many you should be filling out.

It’s surprisingly easy and relaxing instead of being challenging. All you need is to be careful and count how many squares you color. It will prevent you from making mistakes if you aren’t paying attention.


Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers has the same elements as Tetris, but not really. It’s a puzzle game developed by WeirdBeard, where players must stack the falling blocks to build the highest tower. It’s like the game Jenga where you have to ensure it won’t fall as the blocks keep piling on top of one another. Since it’s physics-based, you must carefully position the blocks and ensure they won’t fall.

Game features to anticipate:

  • Catchy tunes
  • A cast of funny wizards
  • Build using a set number of bricks or compete to block the horizontal laser beam
  • Local multiplayer

If you want to use your smartphone for this game, 99 Bricks Wizard Academy by the same developer is a great alternative. It has the same features as Tricky Towers, giving you a new way to enjoy the challenge.



If you want a colorful and more inviting version of Sudoku, TENS! by Kwalee will provide you with an exciting challenge. It’s also accessible to everyone, so players who love math and puzzle games can easily play it.

It also has some elements of block-dropping games where you must drag and drop the dice in the middle of the board. Score and rack up points to showcase your skills in this game. Each dice has a number; you must connect the two identical numbers with a line to clear out space.

Fortunately, you can download a smartphone app with the same name and developer. It’s excellent for those wishing to have a more portable game version while they practice their math skills.


Tetris 99

A game almost everyone’s familiar with now available on Nintendo Switch is Tetris 99. Developed by Arika and published by Nintendo, this game is only exclusively available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. This tried-and-tested title provides an innovative way of playing your old-age favorite.

But what makes it different is you get to battle against 98 players. With its battle royale feature, Tetris has become competitive and addictive. So naturally, it has become fast-paced and more complicated since you won’t be playing Tetris in a calm and steady environment.

Other features:

  • Single and local multiplayer modes are available
  • Collect badges to increase attack power
  • Knock out opponents to get their badges
  • Join Team Battles and Tetris 99 Invictus
  • Daily Missions to receive rewards

Tetris® by PLAYSTUDIOS INC is the official mobile app for Tetris, giving you a chance to dominate the world of Tetris on your phone. However, it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, so it’s ideal for those who prefer to hone their skills alone.

Prepare for Puzzle Challenges on Your Nintendo Switch

If you prefer an excellent gaming experience and want to challenge yourself, these puzzle games will take you to the next level. Whether you choose a puzzle game with more logic elements or blocks dropping from the top of the screen, this list is the perfect starting point.

Grab your Nintendo Switch now and start playing these exciting titles! With their engaging stories, fun characters, and challenging levels, you’ll indeed have a memorable gaming experience.


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