The Best Stickman Games That Will Keep You Amused For Hours

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Stickman Games

It’s always exciting to explore the latest and greatest new game developments. But the growing popularity of retro gaming shows that a game doesn’t need VR or movie-quality graphics to be enjoyable. 

The enduring popularity of the Stick Man series proves the point. Here are games with the most rudimentary physics and basic graphics. Yet once you are drawn into the world of Stick Man, you’ll find it hard to drag yourself away. Here are half a dozen of our favorites. 


Last Stickman 

If you’re a fan of PUBG, this Stickman version of a Battle Royale game is something you just have to try. OK so the game might look very different, but the basic objectives are exactly the same. You’ll need to be aware of your surroundings and be quick to gather weapons to waste others before they eliminate you. There’s no place to hide in this game, so it is all-out action. 


Stickman Hook

Here’s a relatively simple platformer where Stickman has to jump and swing his way through various levels. At first, it seems easy, but as you level up, the challenges become more complex and you’ll need perfect coordination and some strategic thinking to progress. Stickman Hook is one of those games you can find yourself playing for hours, particularly if you hit an exceptionally tricky challenge.


Stickman Mega Brawl

An update on the ever-popular Stickman Fighter game, Mega Brawl pits Stickman against a succession of fighters for some fist to fist combat. The game benefits from more fighting options and combos than Fighter and is separated into distinct levels. This is a vast improvement on the “endless game” format of its predecessor and allows you to keep better track of your progress. 


Stick Cricket

One of the first free online cricket games, Stickman’s foray into the gentlemanly sport of cricket is as fun today as it ever was, thanks to frequent updates including a new 3-D version. There are several game modes in which you can either play stand-alone games or go for world domination in a tournament. Opposing teams get better and better, so you’ll need to time each shot perfectly to take home the trophy. 



If Stick Cricket shows how Stickman can be developed, Spearman takes things right back to basics. You have Stickman, a spear, and a succession of enemy warriors. Initially, they appear on-screen one at a time and are relatively easy to dispatch with a steady aim. But as the game advances, things get a lot more tricky. 


Stickman Sword Fighting

Finally, another foray into the 3D world for Stickman. Again, it is a development of previous games, but although there is still plenty of combat action, this one also focuses on a story arc and demands some strategic thinking. Each round consists of a specific mission. As well as completing the task, you have the challenge of getting Stickman safely to the exit to move on to the next level. 

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