The Best Tools Of The iPhone

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Switch On Swipe:

If you prefer to keep your open apps just a tap or two away, the App Switcher is perfect: it has everything in suspended animation ready to jump right back in when you’re not using it. Re-app where you used to be open but without the home button, how can you get hacked? Don’t panic, just swipe down from the bottom of the screen and keep your finger in place until you feel a vibration. Do this in a smooth motion and the app’s switcher will appear. From here you can swipe left and right to view all your open apps, and tap one to jump into it.

Close old:

This gesture is not so important to save battery life, as iOS does not lose any extra power if you are forced to open many apps at the same time. Ready. However, no one likes dirty app switcher screens, so freely close apps that you aren’t using much. Turn to the App Switcher screen, and then long-press on an open app. This will place a small red close icon on the top left corner of the app preview. Tap to close an app completely. Change your mind? Then tap anywhere on the screen and the nearest icon disappears.

Wake Up Siri With A Squeez:

Older iPhones had to activate Apple’s AI assistant through the double-tap of the home button – if you don’t want to scream publicly on your phone, this is it. Without the Home button, this is not happening on the iPhone X. Instead, giving you the button on the right-hand side of the phone is a loving one. Well, maybe the lover’s part is not an important step, but press it for a second and Siri will wake up, wondering why the cats lick themselves or what is Bolivia’s capital.

Secure Payment:

Just because you do not wake Siri with a double-tap, does not mean that any muscle memory is lost. Now it’s a bit different. Give the side one the first one, and it will activate Apple Pay, assuming you have registered a credit or debit card through the Wallet app. Apple Pay now validates using your face (or password) instead of fingerprints, so you should get a clear view of your cup before you’re ready for any cash transfers through Airways. You have to hold the phone. In the winter months, this may mean pulling off your top or lifting your high hat, and in the summer, if you need to remove sunglasses if they include Fail ID’s IR scanners. V UV protection is so strong to defeat. Anyway, once the screen appears that you have been verified, just tap on the contactless reader on your phone to make a payment.


Oh look, there is still a home button to learn! The screenshots are still just one button away from the scrollbar, only this time it’s a different thing. To snap a record of what’s on your display, tap the button on the left side of the phone and the volume up. The image is then shown as a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen: ignore it and it will disappear, saved to your Camera Roll, but if you tap it, then save it before you can edit it. Crop tools, pens, pencils, colors, and shapes can be doodled on top of whatever you have left, which is helpful in making notification notes – or giving some rabbit ears to all your friends.


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